Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Fourteen

Favorite male character

Another question that wasn't too difficult on the synapses.  ;-)  My fave male character is:

Clayton Danvers
Clayton 'Clay' Danvers is one of Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld characters.  His first appearance is in Bitten.  He's a werewolf, he's the pack's enforcer, he's a bit of a bonehead sometimes, he's a professor and he's hot, which makes up for the bonehead part.  ;-)  Here's a description from Kelley's website:

Clayton Danvers
Appearances:  “Savage,” “Ascension,” “Birthright,” “Beginnings,” Bitten, Stolen, Industrial Magic, Broken, “Stalked,” “Checkmate,” “Recruit,” Frostbitten, “Forbidden”

DOB:  Jan 15, 1962
Hair:  Golden blond curls
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  6"
Build:  Well-muscled

“Like Elena, Clay was blond-haired, blue-eyed, and well built. While Elena was attractive, Clay was traffic-stopping gorgeous…and had all the charm of a pit viper.”
- Paige from Industrial Magic

Who are some of your favorite male characters?

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  1. Now this sounds like a delish male character. I always like a little bit of attitude in my fiction males.

  2. He is quite delish. He's rough around the edges but gentle when he needs to be. Who are some of your faves?

  3. Bones(Night Huntress), Roarke(In Death), Ash(Dark Hunter), Zsadist (BDB), Carter(Bride Quartet)- these are just the ones I could think of right off the top but my usual list is endless! I do prefer dark hair and light eyes but mainly it's the personality that makes me love them.

  4. Impressive list Anna. I love dark hair and light eyes too! I'm a personality gal too. Nothing ruins the outside like a crappy inside. ;)

  5. OMG. I Lurve Clay, but I've only gotten to "Bitten" ...sounds like I need to read-on.

    ...btw I'm loving all your Meme answers.. so original :D

  6. Yes definitely. He's worth it!