Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Fifteen

Favorite female character

The answer to this one didn’t come as easy for me as the favorite male character question but, after a little deliberation I’ve decided that my favorite female character is:

Mercy Thompson

She’s smart, headstrong, independent, loyal, hardworking, tough and caring.  She doesn’t take shit from anyone.  She owns an auto shop and has tattoos.  This woman can fix a car, kick ass, take names and, oh yeah, she’s a shapeshifter to boot.  In other words, she’s a bad ass mamajama.  All hail Mercy Thompson!


Who are some of your favorite female characters and why?

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  1. Mercy is a great pick. I really like her too. Other females I like... I'd have to say Ravin Crosse from Michele Hauf's Kiss Me Deadly.

  2. Have the book but, haven't gotten around to it yet. Good to know that the heroine makes your favorite list.

  3. I NEED to get back into this series. I agree that she's one tough chick... but the story lost me slightly along the way. *hides behind my computer*

  4. LOL! No need to hide...I don't bite.