Monday, December 6, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Five

A book you hate

Hate’s a pretty strong word.  I don’t know that I’ve hated any books per se but, there was one that I simply couldn’t get into.  I almost hate to admit it only because there’s been a ton of hype surrounding this book.  So which book is it you ask?


I know, I know it’s a shame isn’t it.  I got to page 10 and put it back on my shelf and never picked it up again.  Several of my friends have told me that they struggled through the first 100 pages but, once they overcame that hurdle it ended up being an excellent read.  I admire their efforts but, there’s no way I was going to sit there and suffer through 100 pages.  Not with all the other excellent stuff on my shelves begging for my attention.  This is one trilogy where I’m more than happy to wait for the movie.

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  1. This book is definitely not for everyone. Parts of it are horrifying and on the whole, it is not a nice story. Not to mention that Mikael's a pig of the first order. I've read the trilogy, mostly because I really wanted to see what Lisbeth would do in the end. You do not screw with Lisbeth Salander.

    It took me a week to get through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and that was with lots of effort on my part. It's cool that you didn't like it because in some ways, I didn't either.

  2. I'd heard Lisbeth's a bad mamerjamer and it's initially why I picked up the book.

    A week?! You are a better person than I my dear. You deserve an award. Maybe I'll make one for you. Like a perseverance award or something. ;-)

  3. I can't say that I have ever felt the need to read this series...even though it seems like every one else is reading it. Glad to see I'm not alone. :)

  4. You are not alone my dear. And if you choose not to ever read them you still won't be alone.

  5. Ok, I've read this series and LOVED it, but I was on vacation when I started this book and therefore continued reading b/c it's all I had with me. I'm not going to tell you that you really should keep reading b/c it gets better blah blah blah, know why?! Because the swedish movies are fucking awesome!! ...and they're "watch instant" on Netflix. Ok, here's where I command you: "Go watch!" :P