Friday, December 10, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Nine

Best scene ever

My brain power is totally kaput right now.  I love all kinds of scenes.  Picking the best would be difficult and I honestly don’t have the heart to do it right now.  I can tell you what types of scenes I love though.  Let’s see I like:

  • Really crazy fight scenes
  • Really hot unexpected smexy scenes
  • Witty banter scenes
  • Sweet romantic scenes

I mean seriously guys.  When I’m working with that many scenes how the hell am I suppose to pick the best one!?!

Since I’m useless at the moment, why don’t you guys tell me which are some of your favorite scenes.

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  1. Hey Hey Jen! There is a scene in one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books (no brain power to tell you which one) when V is all drunk and stupid on his penthouse balcony and poor Butch has to deal with him. I thought for sure, any second...yummy stuff was going to happen. Got my heart racing just enough to be memorable!

  2. Well, most of mine are smutty scenes. Actually, they are mostly OMG or 'it's about time' smutty scenes. But there has to be some emotion behind them. One Foot in the Grave Chapter 32, Twice Bitten Chapter 8, Dreamfever Chapter 4 all stand out for me. Also, in Lover Eternal when Mary runs out of Bella's house saying she's not okay. City of Glass, the Epilogue. Kate and Curran's banter in every book. Yeah...I have a few favorites scenes LOL

  3. I like scenes where despite the heroine's best laid plans, she finds herself in the most clumsy of situations. I'm picturing The Princess Diaries 2 where Mia falls into the water fountain with a man who is not her fiancee.

  4. Any scene with Roarke and Eve. When he reaches into his pocket to touch the shabby gray button. Or when he speaks in Gaelic. Or when she curses at vending machines. I could go on and on but instead I'm going to grab book one and read some of my fav scenes for realsies.

  5. @Melissa: Hey hey hey. =) I have not jumped on the BDB bandwagon yet. *ducks from tomatoes being tossed* The combination of drinking on a balcony should make for a pretty interesting scene though. ;)

    @Julie: You? Liking smutty scenes?! I have heard many many naughty delicious things about this Chapter 32 thing. And I really should get to this Kate and Curran thing already. *sigh* I wonder how many vacation days I have left.

    @Zee: I'll have to agree. It's kind of funny or terrifying, depending what you're reading, when it blows up in their face. Princess Diaries 2 the movie? Or are those movies based on books?

    @Anna: Eve and Roarke from the In Death series? Haven't tried those books either. *bangs head on desk* There's not enough hours in the day!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by ladies. It's much appreciated!