Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Ten and Eleven

Due to a birthday party I volunteered to take my little sisters to, UFC 124 and my lack of planning ahead I’m giving you days ten and eleven in one post.  Before I get to the answering of the reading meme questions though I’d like to take a moment to admire the winner of UFC 124’s main event, Mr. Georges St-Pierre.  The man has beautiful blue eyes, the body of a Greek god and is one of the most lethal fighters in the UFC.  If I was a writer I’d fashion all of my heroes after this man.  *sigh*

Georges_St-Pierre_500x325_Head    mma_pierre_580

Ahem, um, enough with the wet dream, er, I mean daydream.  Let’s get back to the reading meme.

A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving (Day Ten)

Okay it’s not that I didn’t think I would like the book, it’s just that I didn’t know what to expect.  The book I’m talking about is:


I hadn’t read her Otherworld series so I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but, it was Bite Club’s July pick and damn if the cover didn’t draw me in like a moth to a flame.  I’m happy to say that it was an amazing read.  Yasmine Galenorn’s world building was ridiculous and her characters were amazing.  I was sweating during the finale scene and I think my boyfriend was scared I was going to slide off the couch.  I may or may not have frightened him when I yelled after reading the cliffhanger ending.  Needless to say I’ve been dying to get my hands on book two.  Is it friggin’ June yet?!?  If you like your Urban Fantasy gritty with some crazy plot twists then I suggest picking up or borrowing a copy.

What are some of the reads that caught you guys by surprise?

A book that disappointed you (Day Eleven)

I may get chased by rabid fans with pitchforks but, I was kind of disappointed with:


I didn’t feel the heroine until 2/3 into the book.  The whole radio DJ thing was interesting but, there were other aspects that I just couldn’t get into (e.g. Carl and the pack and crazy ass Cormac).  It wasn’t terrible but, I’d probably think twice before picking up book two.  Which is a total shame because shifters are my absolute favorite.  Have any of you guys read the rest of the series?  If you have, tell me if it’s worth giving it another shot?

How about you guys?  Any reads that left you disappointed?

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  1. Books that have taken me by surprise would be the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk. I figured they would be good, after all why else would I have bought them ages ago, but I didn't know just how much I would love them.

    I was bummed over When Blood Calls by JK Beck. I really wanted to like it. Really I did. But I just couldn't get into it. :(

  2. The UFC guy is definitely eye candy! I definitely want to read Night Myst now that I've read your thoughts on it. I love a story with a few good plot twists. Have a good day!

  3. @Julie: I've had them on my shelf too! After you and Jessica's cheerleader tribute they've been put on top of the TBR pile.

    Really? That sucks. The cover was good on that one too. *sigh*

    @Zee: Yes, yes he is. I lurves him. Let me know what you think after reading it.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!