Friday, December 3, 2010

Reading Meme - Day Two

A book that you wish more people had read (or would read)

This is kind of a tough one.  Does it mean I should pick something I’ve read within the last year or something from everything I’ve ever read?  Hmmm…I think I’m going to keep it simple.  I’m going to narrow it down to something I’ve read within the last year and I also took the liberty of tweaking the question a wee bit.  And naturally I’m going to tell you that the answer to this question ends up in a tie between The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and Afterlife by Merrie DeStefano

I’m picking The Forest of Hands and Teeth because the story stuck with me long after I was done reading the book.  It was also unlike any YA book I’d read.  It was gritty, dreary and sometimes down right depressing.  It was also one of the first reviews I wrote and although it’s not stellar it was the first one I was kind of proud of.  You can check it out here.




Next up we have Afterlife.  I was suffering through a reading funk and I was asked to review this book.  I didn’t really expect much and ended up being pleasantly surprised.  This story was a really cool blend of urban fantasy and science fiction.  I don’t read much science fiction so it’s possible that the subject matter has been done before but as far as I’m concerned it was like a breath of fresh air.  The last few chapters were crazy intense and I literally had to put the book down and walk away for a little while.  For more of what I thought you can check out the review I did for Bite Club here.

How about you guys? 
What book or books do you wish more people would read?

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  1. Hi roomie!

    I have read The Forest of Hands and Teeth but I didn't like it, mostly because Mary got on my nerves. The end ticked me off too.

    I haven't read Afterlife yet. I have a copy but haven't gotten to it yet. My tbr pile is taller than my husband. *sigh*

    I'm totally going to do this meme on my blog too. I've got some catching up to do :)

  2. Those two books look amazing. I was so close to picking up that second one by Merrie Destefano. I wish more people read period, but hey, what can you do. I wish more people read Karen M. Moning. I can't get enough of her Fever series. Also wish people read the Maker's Song series by Adrian Phoenix. The Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston (Pitt's one of the coolest vampires ever. Also anything by Christopher Moore, he is a great mix of offbeat comedy and the supernatural. There are bunches more, but these are what I will name...for now :)

  3. I, too, love The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I thought it was a phenomenal book and it stayed with me long after, as well.

  4. @Jen a/k/a roomie: Yeah, Mary kind of got on my nerves too but, it wasn't enough to detract from the overall story. Hopefully you can get to Afterlife when you get some breathing room. LOL...and I know that that's pretty friggin' tall! I think you totally should. I'd love to see what your answers are.

    @Offbeat Vagabond: Excellent point! I hear you on KMM. I'm really glad I finally boarded the Fever train. I loved the first book in the Maker's Song series! I need catch up. Have the first book in the Joe Pitt series but, haven't been able to get to it. I've heard really good things about Christopher Moore too. I'm hoping one day I can get to his stuff. ;)

    @Smash Attack: I'll never look at a red hoodie the same way again! Have you read the follow up books in that series?