Friday, December 31, 2010

Reading Meme Wrap Up

So I’ve learned a few things from doing this reading meme, the first being that under no circumstances should I ever attempt a 30 day reading meme in December.  What the hell was I thinking?  How could I forget how hectic the holiday season is?  Nevermind the holiday season, how did I forget that December has 31 friggin’ days.  *sigh*  The next thing I learned is that my planning ahead skills suck.  I’ve made a mental note to try to fix that during 2011.  The final thing I learned is that participating in a meme wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating.  Anywho, I’m giving you the answers to the questions I missed along with today’s answer in one shot (an idea I’m shamelessly stealing from Jen over at My Book Addiction).  Before I get to the answers I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to read my back and forth convos with the reading meme and everyone who decided to participate.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Without further ado here are the rest of the questions I have left to answer.

Best Quote (Day Twenty-Four)

Okay so I decided to turn this question into the best quotes from the few book reviews I’ve done or am working on.  Here they are:

Then he did smile, one of his dazzling smiles that restored sight to the blind and instilled music in the deaf.
-Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas

I go over to the stroller, which is one of those complicated Swedish affairs with everything from a wind guard to a cappuccino maker, and twist my head inside.
-Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins

Jazz swirled through the room, competed with my heartbeat and pressed against my skin, sensuous as a lover’s kiss, steamy as the bayou in mid-August.  It stole my soul.
-Afterlife by Merrie Destefano

My body was melting like liquid silver, like the Wicked Witch of the West, like the second Terminator dissembling.
-Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

A Book You Plan on Reading (Day Twenty-Five)

There’s no way I can name just one book.  I can however list a few of the series that I plan to start or catch up on.  They are:

Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane
unholyghosts  unholymagic  cityofghosts

The Jane True series by Nicole Peeler (Need to read books 2 & 3)
TempestRising  TrackingtheTempest  TempestLegacy

The Disillusionist series by Carolyn Crane
mindgames  doublecross

The Maker’s Song series by Adrian Phoenix (Need to read books 2 & 3.  Book 4 hits stores on February 22, 2011)
RushOfWings  intheblood  Beneatheskinetchedinbone

As I’m sure you’ve figured this is but a mere chip off the ol’ TBR iceberg.  *shrugs*

OMG WTF Plot (Day Twenty-Six)

I wonder if this means OMG WTF as in absolutely absurd or OMG WTF I didn’t see that coming.  Hmm…I’ll go with the absolutely absurd one.  This honor goes to:

colters woman

All I have to say is O_o …

Favorite Non-Mainstream Writer (Day Twenty-Seven)

I think this constitutes most of the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance authors I read, right?  Or am I talking crazy…again? 

First Book Obsession (Day Twenty-Eight)

Good ol’ Nancy Drew was the first book obsession I can remember.



Current Book Obsession (Day Twenty-Nine)

At this very moment it would be a little thing called the Fever series.  I’m halfway through chapter 4 in Dreamfever and my brain friggin’ melted.  If you haven’t read this series yet I need you to stop reading and go get book 1 - Darkfever.  Not tomorrow, not next week, RIGHT NOW!

shadowfeverIs it January 18th yet?  No!  Are you sure?

Saddest Character Death (Day Thirty)

No character’s death as affected me as much as the death of Kisten from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series.  I still haven’t gotten over it and frankly I might never get over it.  WHY KIM WWWWHHHHYYYYY?!?!?  *throws self to knees and throws arms up in the air*  Yes, I know that was a bit dramatic but, damn it it’s how I feel on the inside.


  1. What's a little theft between co-conspirators? LOL

    You know, I canceled my copy of Shadowfever that I ordered from amazon so I could buy a copy locally but I saw on my nook last night that B&N only wants $10 for and ecopy. What to do, what to do. And unless I sit and do NOTHING but read until the 18th, there is no way that I'm going to get through a reread of the Fever series :(

  2. Thanks Jen. =)

    Yeah, I'm kind of terrified that my copy from Borders won't get here on the 18th but at this point it is what it is. I've heard that some people bought an e-copy AND ordered a physical copy. I'm not that hardcore about the series though. You've already read all the books though, right?

  3. That is a bit much, isn't it?

    I started reading the series before Faefever came out. When I was reading the last few pages of Dreamfever, it may have been the first time where I was so completely caught up in what was happening that when I finished the last page, I actually felt like I had been dropped off a cliff :) I totally didn't see the last page coming! KMM does love her cliffhangers.

  4. LOLOL Funny opening paragraph! I laughed out loud...and the toddlers looked at me funny.
    I am right there with you about Shadowfever (as you well already know) and I can not wait to hear your thoughts on some of those books you chose to read soon.
    All in all, I think you did a great job on this meme. I enjoyed it anyways...probably more than you. ;)

  5. @Jen - Yeah just a little.

    *gulp* Dropped off a cliff?! Now I'm a little scared. What if I become some sort of crazy lunatic waiting for Shadowfever. Eek! If this happens you have to promise you'll slap some sense into me Jen. Promise!?!?

    @Julie - LOL! Glad I was able to make you laugh the way you make me laugh. ;-) Thanks Julie! And thanks for stopping by to read and partake in this interesting little adventure with me.

  6. Jen D - I absolutely love the fact that you just threw all the rest of the meme up there for today! It's a nice way to wrap up 2010. Remember I will be doing this in it weird that I'm planning this so far ahead?!

    Not sure on a quote
    Book I plan on reading: Shadowfever and I am also planning on reading the Jane True Series!
    I'm still not sure on a WTF plot yet...I have to think about that one big time!
    Non-mainstream writer...I guess that I read this as one that not everyone is reading so I'd say Susan Richards
    First book obsession...I've never read the Nancy Drew series...but I would say The Saddle Club
    Current Book Obsession: Jeaniene Frosts Night Huntress Series
    Saddest Character Death: Rodney from the Night Huntress Series...I was so very sad about that and a little angry!!!

    I am so happy that I started following your blog as far you and Julie are my first blog friends and I will always remember you! :-D

  7. Thanks Deanna! It was kind of a lack of planning move but, I guess it works as a send off. Although I have wrap up post I'm working on. It's harder than I thought! =/

    Woohoo! Another Jane True reader. =)

    Don't think I've ever heard of Susan Richards. What type of stuff does she write?

    I don't think I've ever read The Saddle Club.

    I plan on getting to the Night Huntress series this year...finally!

    Aww! I'm happy that I found you too! Something tells me 2011 is going to be lots of fun! =)

  8. Hi Jen. I've enjoyed keeping up with your meme. You totally rocked this out. Perfect for the start of a new year!

  9. Hi Zee! Thanks! And thank you for stopping by and following along. Means alot! =)

  10. I'm up to book 3 of Downside Ghosts series and I'm totally pumped b/c I hear it's the best of the series :)

    I've also heard really good things about the Disillusionist series!

    Happy reading!

  11. Hi Isa! I had to make a resolution to start reading the Downside Ghosts series because it was starting to feel like I was the only person on the planet who hadn't read it. That and I keep hearing stuff about this Terrible guy and I'm mighty curious. ;-)

    Let me know when you start the Disillusionist series. I'd be happy to read it at the same time you do.

  12. "What the hell was I thinking? How could I forget how hectic the holiday season is?"

    lol. I feel ya on this. Though, sometime around the second week of Dec. I became compulsive about writing the meme posts ahead of time, so I managed to get everything written & auto-scheduled by Dec. 14th...only going back into tweak posts before they went up.

    It's probably the only time in my life I've not written something omg at the last minute.

    I have book 2 of the Disillusionist series sitting on my nightstand. I really need to get to it. It's taunting me.

  13. Wow! I totally bow down! I'm not disciplined enough for that. I'm just happy that I was able to finish it. of my resolutions for the blog was to try not to fly by the seat of my pants. *crosses fingers*

    LOL...I hate when they taunt. Don't they know we're bigger than they are. ;)