Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It’s officially January 18th!


The moment a lot of us have been waiting for has finally arrived and in true Jen fashion I have already learned a couple of very valuable lessons.

Lesson 1:
Purchase important pre-orders from a website that will have said book in your hand ON RELEASE DAY.  This of course is a total noob mistake because this is the first super duper important book that I’ve ever pre-ordered that I needed the day it’s being released into the wild.  *head meet desk*

Lesson 2:
Never under any circumstances read any authorized and/or unauthorized snippets, excerpts and/or chapters.  ESPECIALLY if the last book ended in a cliffhanger the size of Mount Everest.  DON'T. DO. IT!  Take my word for it.  You don’t want to sit staring at your front door and itchy all over waiting for the book to arrive.

For those of you who avoided the mistakes I made, happy reading!  For those of you who are stuck like chuck like yours truly, I’m sorry.  I feel your pain.



  1. Love the poster :)

    Used to be, when you preordered a book from amazon or whoever, said book would be in your hands on the actual release day. Amazon's been so slow with shipping that I'll actually go out and buy it locally, price be damned.

  2. I figured I wouldn't get any comments on this post because everyone would be face deep in SF. So thanks for showing me some love. =D

    Right? I thought it was perfect for the sitch I got myself into. LMAO! I love that you don't mess around.

  3. I totally agree with you. I sometimes get so anxious that I read snippets and then instantly loathe myself for it. Luckily, I've kept my eyes away from Shadow fever.

  4. Anytime!

    When will you get your copy? I did spend today face deep in mine and finished it around 7pm. I am very happy with the way it ends and can't wait to see what you think :)

  5. @Zee - Trust me when I say I totally wanted to kick my own ass for doing it to myself. When you finally read it I want to hear your thoughts.

    @Jen - The FedEx tracking says Monday but, SCREW THAT! If I don't have it by Saturday I'm buying a copy from a store and locking myself in my room. I'm happy to hear you liked how it turned out. I'm pretty sure if you're happy then I'll be happy. =)

  6. I think so too.

    If you're serious about not waiting, it would probably be cheaper to download it to your Kindle from amazon - ten bucks vs. $18-20 at Target?

    Just an idea :)

  7. Wait! What? omg you poor thing!
    I'm still slowly working my way through Shadowfever if that makes you feel better? verrryy slooowly, too. I don't want to miss anything and wowza... so much is going on. At this rate, you'll probably still finish ahead of me! LOL!

    Hang in there!

  8. I'm hoping that now you have the book and you're reading it like crazy! I ended up just driving to Target and picking it up instead of pre-ordering it directly to my house. Of course Target is like a 2 minute drive from my house...

    I also avoided reading any pre-released stuff, I knew that if I read the 2 chapters Karen posted then I would drive myself even more crazy and I was afriad that I wouldn't want to even read the book so I opted to just wait.

  9. Dudettes we're heading into death con 5 mode. The Fed Ex site says I won't have it until the 24th. The friggin' 24th!! I can't stay away from Twitter that long!!

    @Christine - Hi! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement but I think you're totally going to beat me on this one. =/

    @Deanna - Believe me when I say that I have learned a very valuable lesson. Actually two lessons.

    I hope you both are enjoying the hell out of the book!