Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Posting Schedule…I think


Part of my 2011 game plan was to come up with some sort of posting schedule and to stick with it.  After some thought, I think this is what it’s going to look like for the time being:

Monday:  Off, unless there’s some sort of special announcement I want to share with you guys.  Besides, it’s friggin’ Monday and I only have enough brain power to get through work.

Tuesday:  Post of some sort

Wednesday:  Book review or recommendation

Thursday:  Post of some sort

Friday:  Book review or recommendation

Saturday:  Plinky Question of the Day

Sunday:  Off, unless there’s some sort of special announcement I want to share with you guys.

Yes, I realize that saying ‘post of some sort’ is kind of vague but, I haven’t decided if what’s going up will be recurring or if it’ll be random each week.  Silly me thought coming up with a schedule would be easy.  *snort*  Yeah right!

How do you plan for the week ahead?  Do you schedule yourself weeks in advance or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. Seat o' my pants. I think a schedule would give me a brain aneurysm. How are you doing on your redesign idea? Checking in to see if you got my second email!

  2. I tried the scheduling thing awhile back and it blew up in my face. I can't "make" myself write - it just comes when it comes :)


  3. @Melissa - Hi sweets! Yeah, I thought I'd have an aneurysm too but, after doing the 30 day reading challenge last month I realized it helped me be accountable to myself and get stuff done. I got the first one but, I hadn't seen the second one. I've been dealing with an uncooperative stomach for the last couple of days and I haven't even checked my e-mail. *slaps back of hand* I'm sorry! I'll get back to you tonight. =)

    @Jen - Yeah, I know what you mean. I thought that was the way I'd get stuff done too but, turns out I have to be a little stricter with myself. Ah, yes, Plinky. It's a fun little site I found that I decided to turn into a weekly feature. You'll just have to wait until Saturday for more details. Mwuahahaha! *cough* Just kiddin'. I'll e-mail you tonight to fill you in. =)

  4. Hahaha...this made me laugh!

    Vanessa & I need a schedule. I've tried that "just wing it" method and failed. So we came up with a plan for most days of the week...except Thursday. Thursday is our "post some shit" day b/c we don't have a set meme or anything for that day! lol (I totally know what you mean.)

    Good luck!

  5. Oh I plan. I NEED to plan. If I didn't plan, I would be a ball of stress. Wait, what am I saying? If I didn't plan I would be a bigger ball of stress!
    I like your schedule. It seems realistic - and that's sort of important. ;)

  6. I love the "post of some sort"! I tried to stick with a posting schedule, but failed miserably. I now only post when I really have something good to tell ya'll, and then I let the post sit for a day or two so I can go experience life a little! :)

  7. @Book Soulmates: Then my job here is done. ;-) Hi Isa! Thanks for stopping by. I still don't know how you ladies are able to post almost everyday without losing your minds. I'll need to high five you both when/if I see you.

    @Julie: LOL! I had a feeling you'd be a planner my dear Julie. You can't manage as many kiddies as you do without being a planner. Thanks! I was pretty much aiming for realistic. ;-)

  8. @Zee - LOL! I figured I'd switch it up since flying by the seat of my pants wasn't really working for me. I think you do a great job of being consistent.

  9. I look up to you girls. I dnt know how you all do it! I dont know if I would be able to do a blog the way you all do. Schedule or no schedule you all do a great job in what you do! Keep it up!

  10. Oh my dear sweet Kenia. If only you knew about the plans I have for you. Mwuahaha!

  11. I like the plan, I think it is a great idea. I think to each their own and if it helps you post without making you stressed out you should do it. Of course you need to keep in mind that if you miss a day here or there people aren't going to get mad and be like "you said you were going to be posting such and such, why didn't you?!?!". My posting schedule helps me not worry about what I'm going to be posting that day and keeps me organized.

  12. LOL...if people get that upset because I miss a day then I don't know that I want them sticking around. Life happens and I'm not going to stress if I can't make one day. Although I'm hoping that the schedule will help me plan ahead so missing a day doesn't happen. =)

  13. Haha, now I agree with that! People getting that upset for missing one post is a bit creepy. But I hope you find that it helps you! I also just bought a little note pad of paper and I would plan out my week in advance, plus it is nice so that I can write down notes of a book as I read it. I couldn't believe that Julie also has a planning notebook! So glad I'm not the only reading nut in this world. :-P

  14. Of course you're not! We're all nuts to one degree or another. ;-)