Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn


  Night Myst
Author:  Yasmine Galenorn
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Publisher:  Berkley Books
Publication Date:  June 29, 2010
Series Info:  Book 1 of the Indigo Court series
Cover Artist:  Tony Mauro
Who/What/Why/Where/How:  Bite Club pick for July 2010.  Purchased with my own chump change.
Where to Buy:  Amazon

Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they could have imagined.  Having quietly amassed their strength for centuries, the Vampiric Fae are determined to enslave the world.  Now Myst, queen of the Indigo Court, is rising again - and a long-prophesied war is about to begin... 

Cicely Waters, a witch who can control the wind, has returned home to New Forest, Washington, after learning that her family is in danger.  The Indigo Court holds the city in fear.  People are vanishing, and strange deaths plague the town.  And when she is swept into an unexpected and passionate reunion with Grieve, the Fae prince who taught her how to harness the wind, Cicely finds herself with a fierce and territorial lover.

But Grieve has become enslaved by Myst's court, and now, caught between two evils, the lovers survive the machinations of the Vampiric Fae Queen, even as Cicely untangles the hidden secrets to her own heritage.

This was my first foray into one of Yasmine Galenorn’s worlds.  I’ve read a lot about her Otherworld series but, for one reason or another it didn’t call my attention.  Thanks to Bite Club, who chose this book as their pick for July, I finally got to try Yasmine’s work.  And all I can say is June is too far away.

I read this book 6 months ago (I know, I know I should’ve posted this review a long time ago.  Bad Jen!  *slaps hand*) and I can still recall the characters, the world and the plot like if I’d finished it last night.  Yasmine’s characters are amazing.  Cicely Waters is a bad ass extraordinaire.  Grieve’s is totally swoon worthy.  The supporting cast hold their own and add to instead of detract from the story.  And the villains….oh boy!  A dastardly bunch if I do say so myself.  The Vampiric Fae are scary mofos and the regular vamps are friggin’ ruthless.  Love it when an author brings the scary back.

I thought the world building was amazing.  I could picture each scene pretty vividly in my mind.  Add that to the stellar story and crazy plot twists and you my friends are in for one hell of a ride.  Did I mention that I scared my boyfriend when I finished the story by very loudly saying, ‘Holy shit!’.  No?  Well I did.  If darker toned Urban Fantasy is your thing I suggest you give Night Myst a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Lines:
My body was melting like liquid silver, like the Wicked Witch of the West, like the second Terminator dissembling.  (pg. 188)

Joy, oh joyous flamefest.  (pg. 277)

Series Info:
Night Myst
Night Veil
Night Seeker
Night Vision
Night's End

Author Info:

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  1. I've been curious about this author. It's nice to see you like this one. Nice Review!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Julie. I wasn't as confident in this review as some of my others so it's a relief knowing you liked it. =)

  3. Great Review Jen! This sounds like a very good book to check out. I must ask...when you Said you can't wait for June is that when the next book in this series comes out? It's refreshing to see that even after 6 months you remember so much about the book, I'll be putting this on my TBR list!

  4. Thanks Deanna! So I thought but, I just checked Amazon and it's saying July 5th. *sob* I normally don't retain that much info on a book but, this one just sticks out. Woohoo! When you get around to reading it let me know if you liked it. =)