Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starting, Catching Up or Finishing Part II

Welcome back for part deux of my starting, catching up or finishing post.  I’m pretty sure the second half of this list, like the first half, is going to drop some jaws.  Bear with me people.  I’m giving it the best I got and as much as I like seeking out the latest and greatest new books, I promised myself I would stop the insanity.  I intend to keep that promise even if I break into cold sweats every time I pass a bookstore.  So without further ado, here’s the rest of my list:


White Witch, Black Curse Black Magic Sanction Pale Demon

You’d think that I’d be in a hurry to get some sort of resolution and closure on one of my favorite character’s death but, I’m still mad that it happened.  So hopefully come July I’ll stop acting like a ninny and finally get back to the series that started me down the Urban Fantasy path.


Magic Bites Magic Burns Magic Strikes Magic BleedsMagic Slays

Stop booing and hissing guys.  I know that I should’ve started this series a long time ago and that I should’ve been caught up with it and practically crawling up the walls waiting for the release of Magic Slays.  I’ll be getting to it….soon.


Nightwalker Dayhunter Dawnbreaker Pray for DawnWait for Dusk

This series has been sitting on my shelf for so long that it’s down right embarrassing to even admit it.  When I said this was going to be the year I caught up with my TBR piles, I really truly meant it.


Mark of the Demon Blood of the Demon Secrets of the Demon

I’ve heard fantastic things about this series and I’m really looking forward to finally reading it.


Angels' Blood Archangel's Kiss Archangel's Consort

I know, I know….I’m a punk for not having read anything by Nalini Singh.  I’ll be changing that by starting with her Guild Hunter series.  I then plan to move on to her Psy-Changeling series.  I’m hoping the catching up part progresses nicely so that I can start the series this year.


In the Blood Beneath the Skin Etched in Bone
Black Dust Mambo Black Heart Loa
I loved A Rush of Wings, book 1 in The Maker’s Song series, and I’m excited about revisiting Dante’s world.  I’ve also been wanting to start Ms. Phoenix’ Hoodoo series.

To be completely honest, this is really only the tip of the iceberg.  I’ve got a ton of stuff shelved and piled up needing attention.  These are the ones I want to give priority to because they’re some of my favorite authors or I’ve been meaning to get to them for a while.

How about you?  What books or series have been sitting around waiting for some of your attention?  Which ones do you think should have made my list?


  1. You definitely have to get back to The Hollows! I'm almost done with Pale Demon and it has been one HELL of ride. LOL

  2. Dude I know...it should probably have way higher priority. Hmm...I'll switch it out with one of the other series so I can start on it sooner rather than later.

    LOL..I expect nothing less from KH.

  3. Hey You! You never entered in my Pale Demon giveaway! There's only a few days left...

    Nice list :) I am also way behind on the Jocelynn Drake series and Diana Rowland's books. I have the first Adrian Phoenix book too. I LOVE Nalini Singh :)

  4. Hi roomie! Ack! Heading over there right now!

    Thanks! Too bad it's a TBR list. LOL! Oh my gosh we can catch up on some of these together! =)

  5. Looks like you're pretty booked for the year, but if you like Paranormal Romance and don't mind it getting a little hot 'n heavy, then add "Lords of the Underworld" by Gena Showalter to your TBR.

    Definitely one of my favorite PNR romances...those lords are just delicious ;o)


  6. *Squee* Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels!!! LOVE!
    I have a bunch on my list...or should I say in my book closet. Rachel Vincent is just one that I have yet to start. I want to get on with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. The few I've read I have really enjoyed. I like the Greek Mythology she has mixed in there. It's different and really neat.

  7. Oh Jen...this looks soooo familiar. Good luck! Wanted to tell you to be sure to stop by in a couple of weeks. I'll be posting an interview with Hank Schwaeble and giving away a signed copy of Damnable!

    Have a great night!

  8. @Isalys - I actually read the first book in the series and LOVED it. On the months that I don't have a bunch to catch up on I'll probably throw in a LOTU read. They most certainly are delish!

    @Julie - LOL! I figured you'd get excited about my Kate Daniels selection. I've heard great stuff about the Dark Hunters series. I'm a big fan of greek mythology so we'll see if I can sneak in a read or two this year.

    @Kristin - Yeah I figured I wasn't alone in this battle. Thanks! =) No way?! For real? I'm so there. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. A couple of these series are also on my TBR list! You aren't alone Jen! :-) I need to do this too and stop buying more books and adding more to my TBR list...it's just so hard!

  10. Another great bunch of books. I wanna read Diana Rowland books with you kay?!

    And i really need to catch up on my Jocelyn Drake.

    I'll be interested to hear your thoughts about the Maker's Song series

  11. @Deanna - LOL...I know! I break out into cold sweats when I get within a 5 mile radius of any bookstore. We can totally get through this together!

    @Spinecracker - I'd love it if you joined me for the Diana Rowland books. I'll definitely let you know what I thought of the Maker's Song series. I know you were kind of iffy after the second one, right?