Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vampire Rockers

Hello lovelies.  I was in the car this morning listening to different styles of rock music when I an interesting question popped into my head.  If I was told that some of my favorite musicians were really vamps who would I automatically assume made the list?  After rifling through iTunes I came to a couple of conclusions.  The first being that my top 5 assumptions were all rockers.  The second being that they all had a certain mix of angst, broodiness and aggression.  Last but, not least, they were all easy on the eyes.  What?  They’re vamps!  Being good looking is a pre-requisite.  So here they are:

(Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angels)

trent reznor trent reznor 2

I think Trent Reznor would make everyone’s list.  Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if people already thought he was.


(The Doors)

jim morrison 2 jim morrison

Would it shock anyone if this guy turned out to be a vamp?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Mere mortals do not look that good in leather.


(30 Seconds to Mars)

jared leto 2 jared leto

Brooding?  Check.  Good Looking?  Check.  Angsty?  Check.  I’d be shocked if he didn’t make the list.



sully erna 2 sully erna

This dude’s voice is hypnotizing.  So hypnotizing in fact that he probably wouldn’t have to use a vamp stare on you.  *purrr*


(Three Days Grace)

adam gontier 2 adam gontier 3

This guy writes some pretty intense lyrics and you can feel the emotion when he sings about his trials and tribulations.  I’d say having a tortured soul would make you a pretty good vampire, no?



gerard way
Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)


m shadowsM. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)


chris cornell
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audio Slave)


There you have it.  Apparently in Jen’s world most rockers would be vampires.  Go figure.

How about you guys?  Who would make your list?


  1. Let's just put it this way - FIVE of your picks are highly featured on my iTunes writing playlist.

    I'll tell you one of them, but you have to guess the rest! Heh. Closer by NIN has accompanied many a vampire sex scene pounded out on my keyboard. So, as you are reading, play it and know that's exactly where I was when it was written. Then make sure you have some way to spend happy time afterwards. :-p

  2. Hi Sweets! Five including the Honorable Mentions? Hmmm...I do love a good guessing game. I'm going to go with Chris Cornell, Sully Erna, Jim Morrison and Adam Gontier. How'd I do? Tell me I at least got one right.

    Mental note has been made to play Closer while reading. Another mental note to take a cold shower once I'm done has also been made. =)

  3. You got them all but one! Avenged Sevenfold instead of Adam Gontier. You rock sistah!

  4. Woot woot! *pats self on back*

    You know...I'm surprised that Avenged Sevenfold's on the list. They're kind of an acquired taste.

  5. Bat Country, when he screams like a loon right at the beginning, gets the blood pumping for vampires-kicking-butt scenes. And then when he slows down in the middle, its like the beauty of battle sort of thing.

    I sound like a nut, I know. But it's what I see!

  6. Holy shit! I get the same visual going through my head when I hear that song. That or a wild motorcycle chase.

  7. Oooh, I lurrrrve this post!!

    It's so true...I always envision vamps to be rockers for every reason you mention! Gangster vamps - uh, don't think so!

    Others that I can totally see vamped out are:
    • Gavin Rossdale - he can bite me anytime! Did you see how insanely sexy he was in the movie Constantine?!
    • Jonathan Davis - Korn
    • David Draiman - Disturbed
    • Rob Zombie - I think he thinks he's a vamp already! lol
    • Ozzy Osbourne & Alice Cooper - They're up there in years, but they're forever!

    Yayyy...I'm so glad to know you're a rocker too!! That's awesome!

  8. Oh and Closer by NIN is the ultimate rock porn music!! Who needs Barry White when we got Trent Reznor? *wink*


  9. LMFAO!! Isa you're hilarious. I'm not feeling gangsta vamps either.

    All excellent choices. Oh my god how could I forget Rob Zombie! You're so right. I can't believe I missed him.

    I have total music ADD but, rock is definitely one of my faves. Cool to know you're a rocker too. I would never have guessed.

    LOL @ the Trent Reznor comment. Amen sister..Amen!

  10. Omg yes...underneath this polished veneer of preppiness and fabulous shoes lies a 16-year old rocker chick w/ blue hair and black nails :D Whooda thunk it?!

    I swear, I think my mom wanted to disown me when I was that age b/c I ONLY wore black, I stomped around the house in my combat boots and chain wallet and I would blast Offspring, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins throughout the house - IT. WAS. AWESOME!! *Oh, the happy memories!*

    And I really CANNOT stand rap!! I don't go near the stuff - LOL!!

    Oh, you know what other songs I think are totally sexy: Mouth by Bush, Glory Box by Portishead and Queer by Garbage *wiggles eyebrows*


  11. OMG I have so found a kindered spirit. I used to run around in plaid and sported a chain wallet too! It was beyond awesome! Growing up sucks.

    LOL...I can do 90's hip hop but that's about it. I can't get down with the rap of today.

    I looooove Portishead! I like Bush and Garbage too but, Portishead is where it's at!

  12. This moment deserves a *HIGH FIVE*.

    I miss those days too...sadly though, I don't think my boss or clients will take too kindly to me showing up w/ multi-colored hair or black nails to work! LOL

    I agree...I can do some 90's hip-hop and I can handle SOME of today's hip-hop (in small doses), but I really can't stomach rap.

    Pretty much anyone with a healthy taste in ROCK will like Portishead. Tthen again, my love of rock led to a love of Trip-Hop too :) If you like Portishead, try Hooverphonic too - you might like 'em :)

    PS: We really need to hang soon!

  13. I think it deserves a *DOUBLE HIGH FIVE* =D

    Me too. LOL..yeah something about blue or purple hair doesn't convey corporate america for whatever reason. *shrugs*

    I'll research Hooverphonic tonight when I get home. I love discovering new bands.

    P.S.S. Yes we do. Even if it's just for coffee.

  14. I absolutely LOVE this post! Sexy rockers we could think are vampires...rawr! Especially Jared I like Jen's world of Vampires I want to join! :-D

  15. LOL! Glad you're diggin' the topic. Join? My dear you can be my recruiter. Oh the fun we'll have. ;-)

  16. Haha, sweet! I can def help recruit and we would probably have to much fun...ok I don't think there is such a thing when it comes to vampires and sexy ones at that! ;-P