Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She’s Getting What Tattooed Where?

What’s up everyone?  Hope your Tuesday morning got started off on the right foot.  I’m probably still trying to get back into the swing of things after the long weekend.  Chances are I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee.  You’re probably asking yourself what that has to do with tattoos.  Well, nothing really.  Just thought you’d enjoy the funny visual of me dragging ass on a Tuesday morning.  What?  It wasn’t really that funny?  Oh, damn it all to hell.  Okay fine onto the reason for today’s post.  I was going through my Google Reader over the weekend and I came across a post by Diana Rowland over at The League of Reluctant Adults that I found very interesting and needed to share with you all.  Not only does she share the cover for the first book in her new series…


Purdy, ain’t it?  I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, Dan Dos Santos is a friggin’ bad ass.  Oh, sorry.  I distracted myself.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, so not only did she share this cover but, she also said that if her book managed to debut on the New York Times bestseller list she’d get this tattooed on her:


Yes, that would be the same tattoo on the arm of the girl gracing the book’s cover.  Seeing as how I’m a fan of body art, you can see why I couldn’t resist sharing this with you guys.  I love a woman with a big pair of lady balls.  Oh, what?  You don’t believe me?!  See it for yourselves.  Since I’m all for going big or going home I’ve decided to support this cause.  I think you should too.  Which leads me to today’s question:

What goal or reason would make you want to get some ink?


  1. I have thought many times about getting a tattoo when I reach my I-Feel-Sexy weight! So far, I'm bare as a baby!

  2. I think that's a good goal to reach for an ink reward. I've considered getting mine redone when I hit my Feel-Sexy weight.

  3. What's your tattoo Jen?
    I have a little Maple Leaf on my lower back, right hand side. My cousin and I got matching tattoos when we toured the Maritime provinces back in 2000. It was one hell of a road trip (18 days) but I loved every moment of it! I'm planning on getting another tattoo but it's gonna be expensive because it's big! lol It's a bunch of symbols put together that make a pretty picture and all the symbols mean something to me. I want to get it on my left side. I want my tattoos to be hidden when I'm 85 and all saggy. No one wants to see a faded saggy tattoo on some old chick. ;)

  4. Dan Dos Santos creates some amazing artwork, that's for sure. That's one serious tattoo. LOL.

    I love tattoos! On other people. ^_^

  5. @Julie: I have a celtic tribal on my lower back. My uncle told me I could get anything I wanted for my 19th birthday and I opted for a tattoo. Unfortunately, I pulled a total rookie mistake and picked something random from the wall. *kicks self* When you say big, how big are we talking? I love that it's going to be made up of symbols that mean something to you. Eventually I want to get mine redone into something that has meaning. LOL...agreed on the old chicks with tatoos. Not cute.

    @Christine: Thanks for stoppin' by. =) I know right. Talk about being dedicated to your work.

  6. I am with Christine, I like tattoos on other people LOL! But I have always thought of getting one. Nothing girlie though. If I want a flower, I will buy one not have inked on my body. But something with meaning is nice, I agree Jen. Something that will always means something to me or something I will always enjoy :)

  7. @Offbeat: LOL...yeah I suppose although I've seen some pretty bad ass flower tats. Yeah you definitely have to get something with meaning. Otherwise there's really no point.

  8. Great post Jen! I have seen a few reviews about this book and it actually sounds like it would be a good read, the title just cracks me up! I have two tattoos right now and my third one is going to be a KSU Powercat that I am giving myself for graduating college. I've been in college for way to many years and when I finally graduate I'm going to give myself a tattoo...I think it sounds reasonable right?!?!

  9. Thanks D! People have already reviewed this book? Color me surprised. I need to hit up the Google ASAP. You have two?! I have no idea why I thought you'd be in the no ink camp. I think a tattoo is a perfect way to commemorate your gradutaion! We still on for 8?

  10. Strangest thing...there is something slightly repulsive yet completely captivating about that cover! A-ha, it's the cigarette. I think it's throwing me off, lol.

    As for the 'I love Brains' tattoo, it's totally got me singing The Misfits now...

    Brains for dinner
    Brains for lunch
    Brains for breakfast
    Brains for brunch
    Brains at every single meal
    Why can't we have some guts
    oi oi oi


  11. Yep, I have one on my lower hip that is a trinity symbol and one on my right sholder that is a celtic style cross with 5 trinity symbols incorporated in it. Can you tell I love the trinity symbol? LOL. I have irish in my blood and then the trinity symbol has a religious aspect for me as well. Then I'll get the powercat...just haven't decided where yet and then we'll see what's next from there. :-D

  12. @Isa: LOL! It's not white trash without the cig though. ;)

    I love it when you quote punk rock songs to me! Good lord I can't remember the last time I heard The Misfits. I must dig in the music vaults tonight.

    @Deanna: I like the trinity symbol. It reminds me of the TV show Charmed. So we both have some Celtic ink. Very interesting. Keep me posted on the powercat tat.