Monday, April 4, 2011

Definitely Dead Discussion (Sookie Stackhouse #6)

definitelydead*SPOILER ALERT*

If you were unable to re-read the book, go here for a Wikipedia plot summary.  PLEASE remember not to discuss events that occur in books 7 through 10.  We’re trying not to spoil the series for those readers who are reading the books for the first time.

There was a lot going on this book.  So here are some of the questions I chose to get the discussion ball rolling…

Discussion Questions:

1.  Does anyone else think it’s a horrible idea for Jason to marry Crystal?

2.  Okay so if I wanted to junk punch Alcide in the previous book, this time around I wanted to football field goal kick him in the nads.  What did you all think about Maria Star’s confession to Sookie and the run in at The Hair of the Dog?

3.  Holy crazy plot twists Batman?!  What did you all think about the intense story lines in this book?

4.  How about them Pelts?!  What a piece of work those nut jobs are.  How did you feel about Sookie’s decision with regard to this bunch of yahoos?

5.  Do you think Amelia living with Sookie is a good or bad idea?

6.  My favorite thing about this book was Quinn.  I call shotgun so don’t get any crazy ideas.  What did you all think of this sexy shifter?

Favorite Quotes:

If you’re in the know supernaturally, you’ll spot the ear surgery, and you’ll know Claude is a fairy.  I’m not using the pejorative term for his sexual orientation.  I mean it literally; Claude’s a fairy.  (pg. 3)

Andre might have been thinking about the price of bananas in Guatemala.  (pg. 235)

Got any answers, questions, comments, favorite quotes, conspiracy theories?  Get them off your chest and tell us what you think!


  1. Congrats on your Book SoulMates award! Found you, Bk SoulMates on one of my fav blogs Lisa and Laura Write [The Liar Society]. I'm follower #44! When you have a spare minute, stop on by blog as well

  2. I LOVE this series! I've read them all except for Dead in the Family. I'd really like to do a re-read eventually, but I have so much reading to do as it is! Lol.

    New follower!

  3. Hey Jen! I thought I was already following you but apparently not, so it's a good thing you're featured on Book Soulmates eh? ;)

    I think Amelia living with Sookie is a great idea! I really liked Amelia alot.

    I actually really dislike Quinn; like avidly dislike him. I dunno why I just never took to him really; in looks personality or actions.

    I love Sophie-Anne, she's one of my fave Sookie characters. Andre creeps me the heck out though.

    I think this is probably one of my fave sookie books I really liked the twists in it!

    Thanks for the great discussion =]

  4. Thank you guys so much for stopping by.

    @Natalie: I know how you feel. I've been focusing on the re-read so my other stuff's been giving me the evil eye. *sigh*

    @Cait: Another reason to thank those lovely ladies for sure.

    I hate saying it but, Amelia drives me crazy sometimes. I'm not 100% sure I like the idea of them being roomies.

    I'm sorry...I must be seeing things...did you say dislike and Quinn in the same sentence. O_o LOL...just kidding. I feel the same way about Eric and everyone loves the guy.

    Andre is definitely one creepy ass dude.

    It's definitely one of my faves too. Seeing as how Quinn's in it and all. The plot twists are definitely a nice added bonus. ;-)

    You're very welcome. Thank YOU for participating!

  5. Love the post Jen! :-D

    1. I do think it's a terrible idea that Jason is getting married to Crystal. I've never liked her since day one, I always felt like she had other motives to it. I don't think she really loves Jason I just think she loves the idea of getting pregnant and bringing in new genes.

    2. Yeah, Alcide...grrrr, he makes me so mad! He really started going down the drain in the last book but this one just made it worse. :-( I had high hopes for him.

    3. I couldn't believe Bill's confession of the reason why he was in Bon Temps in the first place. It really upset me because I really liked Bill. I knew he screwed up but I still liked him. This is about the time I wanted to stake him myself!

    5. I really like Amelia and I like the fact that Sookie will have a real roommate for once. She doesn't need to always be living by herself in the house. And the reason Amelia is moving in with her kinda cracks me up.

    6. I find Quinn very sexy. Sometimes I find him a bit too serious though, but the whole fact that everyone seems to be so scared of him ups the hotness. :-D I think it's also sexy when Sookie describes how warm he is compared to Eric or Bill since he's a shifter and how it really turned up the sexual action even in just a kiss.

  6. Thanks D!

    1. I don't think she even cares about the new genes. I just think she's a nut case who likes to toy with people's emotions.

    2. As did I my friend. As did I. *sigh*

    3. OMG....I remember the reaction I had the first time I read about his betrayal. And it was NOT pretty. I wanted to jump into the story and punch him in the face...with a glove made of silver.

    4. Yeah I guess the circumstance is pretty funny. She just kind of grates on my nerves though.

    5. Oooh...I like that 'ups the hotness'. I think I'll use it in a sentence today. Speaking of turning up the sexual about that kitchen counter scene. Holy shite it was hot! And they were fully friggin' dressed!

  7. Finally here, YAY! LOL!

    1. Absolutely, it's crazy and random and Crystal is crazy and bitchy. Definitely no one I would want married into my family :( I am so with you guys, doesn't even seem like she cares about him, just that she is knocked up and was probably was using him as a meal ticket.

    2. I am so with you guys too. Alcide started off as a favorite and then this book was just messed up. I thought he would have learned his lesson and just gained some common sense, but no.

    3. I loved them. That is why this was one of my favorites in the series as well because this book brought the lies and secrets to the surface.

    4. I was surprised. Considering what she went through. I would have gone a completely different route. They were crazy, narrow-minded, and homicidal.

    5. Yes, I thought it was a good thing. I liked Amelia and it would be nice for Sookie to have a roommate considering how big that house is. She may have been a little annoying, but she still made me smile.

    6. Yes! My favorite thing about this book as well. Oh I am so going to fight you Jen for him LOL! I absolutely loved Quinn. Out of all the guys in the entire series, Quinn was the best to me. Oh don't even start with the kitchen scene. Oh God that was sexy. But the further we go with this, I am definitely going to have a few choice of words for Sookie.

  8. Woohoo! Glad you were able to make it!

    1. Good way to put it. Hadn't thought of the 'meal ticket' aspect.

    2. Dude needs a junk punch. Like yesterday.

    3. Agreed. I'm all about airing stuff out.

    4. I was too. I have the distinct feeling that it's going to bite her in the ass later.

    6. Bring it woman! LOL! He's my fave too. Sookie's an idiot for not tapping that. Shit she's practically tapped everything else why the hell not Quinn. At least he'd be worth it.