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From Dead to Worse Discussion (Sookie Stackhouse #8)




If you were unable to re-read the book, go here for a Wikipedia plot summary.  PLEASE remember not to discuss events that occur in books 9 and 10.  We’re trying not to spoil the series for those readers who are reading the books for the first time.

There was a lot going on this book.  So here are some of the questions I chose to get the discussion ball rolling…

Discussion Questions:

1.  Talk about emotional rollercoasters!  How do you all feel about Sookie’s love/hate relationship with her and Eric’s bond?  (pg. 52 – 53)

2.  What’s that sneaky bastard Jonathan up to?  (pg. 26 – 28)

3.  Well, well, well….looks like Sookie’s grandmother wasn’t as um, wholesome as we were all led to believe.  What did you think about Niall’s big reveal?  (pg. 58 – 70)

4.  Poor Maria-Star!  What a jacked up way to have your life end.  Anyone else feel really upset about the way she was taken out?  (pg. 97 - 99)

5.  So Amelia hits for the other team.  Quite inneresting.  Thoughts?  (pg. 112 - 113)

6.  Both D and I loved that Sookie grew a pair called out Patrick Furnan.  Good idea or is she bat shit crazy?  (pg. 126)

7.  I’m all for bad ass fight scenes.  What did you think about the Were throwdown…and Sam turning into a lion…and Claudine’s bad assery…and Alcide’s pack leader declaration?  (pg. 133 – 140)

8.  The big Shifter reveal.  Good or bad idea?

9.  How’d you all feel about the Nevada vamps taking over?  (pg. 159 – 179)

10.  OMG…what the hell is going on in the world when you break up with a man for helping his family.  I need your thoughts STAT!  (pg. 185 – 187)

11.  WTF is wrong with Jason.  Does anyone else want to beat the daylights out of him?!?!  (pg. 255 – 257)

Favorite Quotes:

If I ever invaded a small country, this was the woman I wanted on my side.  (pg. 8)

But I knew Eric Northman quite well. (In fact, at one time I'd known him from his head to his toes, and all points in between.)  (pg. 27)

I was surprised to out find there was a direct line from my palm to my, my, hootchie.  (pg. 57)

I felt a lurch of desire and came very close to saying, "What the hell, take me now, you big Viking."  (pg. 77)

I threw a Nora Roberts hardback at him, whacking him upside his head.  (pg. 124)

"Patrick Furnan?" I said, just to be sure.
"Why are you trying to kill me?"  (pg. 126)

I danced around like a demented elf, trying to stay out of the way.  (pg. 135)

Impulsively, I bent to give him a kiss on the cheek.  I smelled the smell that was Sam: aftershave, the woods, something wild yet familiar.
"How are you feeling?" he asked, as if I always kissed him hello.  (pg. 145)

"Sitting here on your bed, smelling your scent," he said in a voice so low I had to strain to hear it.  "Sookie...I remember everything."
"Oh, hell," I said, and went into the bathroom and shut the door.  (pg. 182)

"I want to be first. I know that's selfish, and unattainable, and maybe shallow.  But I just want to come first with someone.  If that's wrong of me, so be it.  I'll be wrong.  But that's the way I feel." (pg. 187)

As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on in this book.  Got any answers, questions, comments, favorite quotes and/or conspiracy theories?  Get them off your chest and tell us what you think!


  1. 1. I personally would hate having to be tied to Eric. How the hell can you tell if what you feel is authentic?

    2. I don't know but, it's very likely that he's up to no good.

    3. I wasn't crazy shocked that he was a fairy. If anything I was kind of sad for Sookie when I found out about how her Mom treated them because of her Dad's fairy blood.

    4. I was mad that she died the way she did but, I was even madder when I found out who did it. He got his in the end though.

    5. I was actually kind of perturbed that she was dating Pam. I think it's cause I'm not really fond of her.

    6. I initially thought she had lost her marbles but, it ended up resolving a major issue so kudos to Sook.

    7. Um pretty epic Were battle if I do say so myself. Claudine's the shit. I friggin' loved that Sam turned into a LION! Eh, I'm over Alcide.

    8. I think it's a bad idea. If I was a supe I'd want to stay hidden for as long as possible.

    9. These are crazy times people. I don't like the Nevada vamps take over one bit. This does not bode well for the home team.

    10. Okay listen here. Do you guys think that if Sookie had to pick between her Grams and her boyfriend that she would pick her boyfriend. FUCK NO. Excuse my french but, this whole Sookie Quinn thing hit a huge nerve. Family ALWAYS comes first. Oh what, her family can come first but, not her man's family. I call BULLSHIT. Okay...I'm done.

    11. I hate Jason right now. Really and truly.

  2. 1. I do agree that it might be hard to figure out if it's the blood bond that is making her feel the way she does for Eric or if it's the fact that she actually likes him. I think there has to come a time when she can separate those feelings and really figure it out.

  3. 2. Since Eric made it clear a little later that Jonathan was lying to Sookie at the wedding it just confirmed the creeps he gave me. I do agree he had to be up to no good but I wasn't sure what he was up to. I knew he wasn't interested in her sexually, I just figured he had heard about her ability and was trying to learn more about her to be able to use her for something.

  4. 3. This part just had me in complete awww...I was sad and frustrated that Sookie's Grandmother had cheated on her husband. I understand that fairies and half fairies are impossible to resist but I just couldn't imagine her having such a huge secret that she kept to herself all of those years and even took it to the grave with her. I think Niall is amazing in a lot of ways. I still can't believe that he wasn't able to tell Sookie sooner and I wish he wouldn't be away all the time and I was mad that he had confronted her when he was in a dangerous situation himself. I'm afraid that him being a part of Sookie's life could just bring her more stress since everything else in her life seems to go bad.

  5. 4. I really liked Marie-Star. I know her and Sookie weren't best friends but I do think they had respect for each other. The way the witches did the endoplasmic reconstruction to show us how she had died was a great idea but the way she was murdered was just brutal. It really pointed the fingers toward Furnan and I do agree with Jen, I was glad he got what was coming to him!

  6. 4. I really liked Marie-Star. I know her and Sookie weren't best friends but I do think they had respect for each other. The way the witches did the endoplasmic reconstruction to show us how she had died was a great idea but the way she was murdered was just brutal. It really pointed the fingers toward Furnan and I do agree with Jen, I was glad he got what was coming to him!

  7. 5. I really like Amelia so maybe that is why I'm so open to her. I think since we know she was so adventurous in the bedroom that I wasn't surprised that she liked to do stuff with girls sometimes...I was just surprised that her and Pam hit it off so much. I guess I just never thought of Amelia as Pam's type and I think they genuinly enjoyed each others company.

  8. 6. Yeah when Sookie called Patrick Furnan I was in shock. I literally stared at the line where she bluntly asked "Why are you trying to kill me?" saying WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING?! I've never seen this Sookie before. I mean she trys to be blunt, she trys to be tough but sometimes that just doesn't work for her. This time it made me really grow some respect for her.

  9. 7. The fight between the werepacks was awesome! I found it sexy that Sam was being so protective of Sookie. I though him changing into a Lion was BADASS! When Sam was being attacked I grew even more respect by Sookie's reaction of jumping on her back to distract her so Sam would be safe. I thought Claudine's arrival and how she so easily killed the two were's trying to attack Sookie was breath-taking. I knew that Claudine could be dangerous but it still amazed me that she could pop up, in the middle of a war, after being asleep a few seconds before and kill to were's bare-handed! I was very disappointed in Alcide though...I mean I get that he had to take that chance to declare himself pack leader but the whole sleeping with women right after losing your girlfriend was a bit too weird for me.

  10. 8. I know they mentioned it several times in the book about the were's needing to make the move to reveal themselves to the world. I have very mixed feelings about this...I know the vampires reveal went over a lot better than everyone expected so part of me feels that if the were's and shifters revealed themselves that it would be taken well. The other part of me feels like if they reveal themselves then maybe people would become even more freaked out and start trying to kill them off even more than the Fellowship of the Sun does with vampires...

  11. 9. The Navada vamps take over had a lot of build up that didn't end with much excitement. Sometimes that annoys people but for me I was happy to have a situation finally end on a little bit of a lighter side then dead bodies lying everywhere. I was sad that Sookie has to still be such a big part when it comes to the vampire rules and with this take over it means huge changes for the vampires in LA. I will also say that I am PISSED at Quinn's part in all of this. I know he was stuck between a rock and a hard place but I can understand Sookie's feeling and he gave up information on the vampires of LA and Sookie.

  12. 10. I have very mixed feelings when it comes to Quinn and Sookie and their break up. I completely understand Sookie coming first in her relationship. I mean if she is not first and that could mean life or death for her could you blame her for breaking up with Quinn? I actually think I have more respect for her because she broke up with him instead of giving him the choice of "You must choice between me or your family." She just straight up tells him they are done because she wants him to leave his family first.

  13. 11. I was very VERY pissed at the situation Jason put Sookie in! I mean he set her up to catch Crystal cheating on him. What kind of brother does that? I understand that he would be pissed that his wife, who is carrying his baby, is sleeping with another man but why do this to your sister? Why didn't Jason figure out what would happen if he or Crystal were caught breaking their vows? I was also pissed that Jason was such a baby when it came to going through with the punishment on Calvin. We knew that Calvin had to have his fingers broken and Jason up and throws his sister under the bus! I was pissed that he couldn't be a man and give the punishment he had basically requested. But don't worry, not only am I pissed at Jason, I'm pissed at Crystal! She is a terrible, horrible, evil, rude, and selfish person! She couldn't keep her damn legs closed after being married and being pregnant. I wanted to rip her to peices!

  14. QUESTION: This really confuses me...Sookie is almost shot and the were says that someone told him to do it, then Eric Kills him and tells Sookie they need to get back in the car and go...yet all she can do is think of Eric and Quinn when they drive off. She isn't thinking about how she just got shot at, she isn't pondering who might want her dead, nope she's thinking about Quinn and's just not believable for me. What do you guys think? (pg 78)....Then on pg 84, when she's saying her prayers, she puts Quinn at the top of her list. WTF?! I think I'd be praying for God to keep me safe from whoever is trying to KILL ME!!! Just a thought.

  15. QUESTION: I know this is a small question but did any thoughts click in your head when it was announced that vampire-human marriages were recognized in LA now?

  16. QUESTION: What are your thoughts on Trey Dawson?

  17. QUESTION: Sookie at the boys, again...What were your thoughts on Bill's part during the negotiations with Victor? His declaration of dying for Sookie (178), his kissing her on the cheek, his asking here (basically) for another shot at a relationship between them (181-182)? When Eric remembers everything that happened between him and Sookie in book 4, what were you thinking. (See quotes above for his revelation)

  18. QUESTION: Ok, we've been dealing with Debbie Pelt since book 3...whether it be with her or her family. After Sookie finally figures out that Tanya is still trying to make her life miserable for Sandra Pelt (debbies sister). Now that she has been diverted with Octavia and Amelia's magic do you think that Sookie will finally be able to rest and put the self-defense murder of Debbie behind her? Do you think she'll have to deal with Sandra at some point in time?

  19. QUESTION: Poor Bob had been a cat for a long time. Yes he was adjusting to that role but Octavia finally changed him back to his human form, what are your thoughts on his finally being changed back into a human?

  20. QUESTION: The very last few pages of the book was when Sookie gets to meet Hadley's ex-husband Remy and her "nephew" Hunter. How were you feeling with this meeting? (pg 197-303)

  21. 1) It definitely is love/hate. But I think it's better that it is Eric and not Bill. Bill started it to gain better access to her, I think Eric still has an agenda but he fell for her before he bonded himself to her.

    2) So with you guys. At first, I was like, "Oh, a new hot guys", until they describe the way he was staring at Sookie and all and that is when the creepiness set in. I knew he was up to something.

    3) I was definitely floored. She seemed so sweet and then we find out she was freaky LOL! Seriously though, it really sucks for Sookie because it seemed like it was a secret her grandmother was going to take to her grave. I wish he did reveal everything sooner as well, but I am so with you Jen. The way Sookie's mom treated her and all was awful :(

    4) Couldn't agree more guys. I think what happened to her was just brutal and random. I honestly thought she was going to stay in the books, but the end result was satisfying and Happy he got was coming to him. Man what a way to go. Also this sort of put Alcide back in my good graces since he still looked after Sookie and gave her heads up and all.

    5) That was the most surprising. Her and Pam were just so different, but then again maybe that was the attraction. Still, I like them both, so it was fine by me.

    6)LOL! Agreed. I remember thinking, "Now she is officially stupid" at first, but I was surprised at how well her plan worked. I was really proud of her and it made me respect her more as well.

    7) I loved the scene. Sam turning into a lion to protect Sookie was so epic and hot as hell (lions are one of my favorite animals). And go Claudine! If there was more of her, the fight would have just lasted a page I think. Man she was amazing too. The pack leader declaration was expected considering he was next in line, afterward was..ewww. LOL!

    8) I thought since vampires could do it, why not werewolves? I thought it was a good idea, but man what happened with Sam's mom and all was messed up as hell. I think they should have done it a different way though. Maybe ease their friends and families into, not just turning into something out of nowhere. Too much shock for some people.

    9) I hated this part. I wish it ended with a little more kick, but I liked it. I hated what happened with Quinn and Sookie. I understand both sides, but he did what he could to still protect her and didn't even look at his side of things. I'm just saying.

    10) Just like in question 9, I hated this. You may not like the way he did it, but you have to respect what he does for those he loves. But what is done is done unfortunately and I will always be a Quinn fan.

    11) This was the nastiest thing ever. I mean Jason for what he did and Crystal being knocked up and sleeping with someone else while pregnant. I mean cheating is bad enough, but that goes into a whole different layer of nasty. Nonetheless Jason has shown that being married and having a kid on the way hasn't even made him a man. He can't stand up for himself, he has everyone fight his battles for him. In retrospect, Jason and Crystal deserve each other. They can both go to hell while holding hands. Sorry, but they really pissed me off.

  22. 11. I guess I never thought that they would be perfect for each other. But I didn't think Jason was this bad before he was with crystal...but maybe she has brought out the completely true side of Jason.

    8. Diana, they actually haven't come out yet in this book just talking about it a lot. I think that is the beginning of book 9. But I guess it would be better to come out to friends and family before coming out to the whole world but then, of course, if they came out to someone they thought they could trust and it didn't go so well they could be murdered and noone would no the true reason or their secret could get out in an even worse way. Now I'm just thinking all negative about everything aren't I?! LOL.

    3. I agree with both of you ladies on being sad about the way Sookie's Mom treated the kids. I can't believe that she would treat them as less because her husband was part fairy and that she was jealous of any attention he gave to his kids. Of course this explains a lot about Jason...he is always searching for attention from females and they can't seem to resist him because he has fairy blood in him.

  23. When the vampire-human marriages being recognized in LA Eric was the first person who popped into my head. But then I swated that away. I guess if this happened earlier I would have had an even bigger reaction. I know that when Sookie was dating Bill she had mentioned that they weren't allowed to get married and that didn't even matter because he hadn't ever asked her. But I found it interesting that Charlaine would put that in there unless there was a specific reason...

  24. Oh so sexy Trey Dawson...He is so sexy! I don't know what it is this time around but reading about him just makes me want him to appear in my world so he can ask me on a date! Rawr! He seems so laid back and he doesn't say alot unless it's important. He's big and muscular, he owns his own business, he works with motorcycles and can even do an awesome job on a car...all you have to do is offer him a coke and a meatloaf sandwich and he's a happy camper...I'll take him in this world and be a happy camper myself. :-D

  25. So Sookie and her relationships...she is always having men flocking around her and sometimes I feel really bad for her. I mean in this book she's got Quinn in her head, Sam flirting with her and always being there for her, Bill wanting to give their relationship a try again, and then Eric remembering everything that happened between them in book 4. How confusing and frustrating must that be??

    I understand her breaking up with Quinn, I don't like it, but I do understand it. I love Sam, he is Sookie's rock. Bill ruined his chances with her and as much as he might really like her I don't think they will ever workout again. Eric remembering everything that happened has really made things interesting. LOL. I think intersting is the best word. I find it funny that she hasn't tried to correct him for refering to her as "lover".

  26. @deanna - I thought the same thing during that scene. Sookie is getting shot at, she is thinking of Quinn and Eric. I said she should have been happy that she is still alive to be thinking about them. It really wasn't believable. She shouldn't be use to gunshots :(

  27. @deanna - About the vampire-human marriages. I thought it was a way to parallel the gay marriage thing, but I couldn't believe it. If history proves right, they will say yes, then change their minds and say no :(

    -I love Trey Dawson even though we don't get a lot of him. I thought he was actually going to be another love interest for Sookie at first, but happy with who he ends up with.

    -I thought Bill was really trying hard to win over Sookie. I think if he wasn't trying to win her back, he wouldn't have done the negotiations or anything. When Eric revealed he remembered everything, my mouth just hung open. I knew he wouldn't be mean or anything about it, but still, you can't help it.

    -I hope Sandra or any other family member won't be a problem again. It would seem really odd after everything Sookie goes through in the future. At least in my opinion. What's done is done.

    -It was weird when he changed back. I mean I am sure he thought he would have stayed a cat, I can't really blame him that much. Then again, it is not like Amelia was completely faithful.

    -It was incredibly random the meeting with her and Hunter. But it was nice considering they are so similar. But it was cute and kind of funny given what Hunter said about his dad's girlfriend LOL!