Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plinky Question of the Day

The Plinky Question of the Day is a weekly feature I added to the blog to get to know you guys better and vice versa.  Sometimes the questions will deal with books or reading but, most of the time they won’t.  Because, let’s face it, there’s more to us than what we read.

Name three things that are worth waiting in long lines for.

What’s up party people?!  So we’re back to our regularly scheduled Plinky question today.  I picked this particular question solely because I was intrigued to see what your answers would be.  But before we can get to yours I need to share mine.  So here goes…

In third place…
Elephant ears a.k.a. funnel cakes
elephant ear funnel cake
I don’t know what it is about this particular amusement park/fair ground snack that makes me salivate at the mere mention of it but, it definitely one of those things I don’t mind waiting for.

In second place…
New movie releases
ticket booth theater seating
I’m all about showing up early to a new movie release and making the line for good seating.  This includes, but is not limited to, midnight releases.  Aside from the main goal of getting good seats, I also like watching all the previews.  What?  Movies are friggin’ expensive ya’ll.  I want to see EVERYTHING that’s going to flash across that screen.  Makes me feel like I got my money’s worth.

In first place…
Book fairs/sales
book fair book sale table
I know, I know you’re SHOCKED right now.  LOL!  Not only will I deal with long lines but, I’ll also deal with huge crowds all in the name of saving money on a book purchase.  Just ask Isa and Vane.  But that’s a topic for another post.  Winking smile

Alright guys, spill it!  What stuff near and dear to your heart gives you the strength to withstand long lines?


  1. 1. Iced cold lemonade at a fair on a hot day.
    2. Waiting to get on the Harry Potter ride your first time to Islands of Adventure.
    3. Waiting in line to pay for all the awesome deals you found while shopping.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chris. I'll have to agree with both Iced lemonade and the Harry Potter portion of Islands of Adventures. Which reminds me I totally left off rollercoasters from my list. =)

  3. Ice cold beer at a hockey game!!

    Awesome movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Matrix, and most of the Superheroes.

    And I seem to recall the days when I'd happily stand in line for concert tickets but those times are long gone.

    I'm not big on crowds and long lines, especially since I have 2 kids to haul around and entertain, so there are not many things I will wait in line for. However, if gas prices get much higher I might be willing to wait in line for cheaper gas:)

  4. 1) Carnival food...because that $3 roasted corn on the cob is totally worth the 45 min wait :)~

    2) MOST of the rides at Disney and Universal parks...because I'm paying $100 mofugging dollars to get into the park, you better believe I'm riding something!

    3) The line at the bookstore...because your life will not be complete with out "said" book and you just know that it WILL not be there tomorrow! (or if you're getting $100 worth of books for 20 bucks :P)


  5. Fun question! I think the thing we Canadians are most likely to answer is a cup of Tim Horton's coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate). It's our crack. In the city where I grew up, there are 47,000 people. And 6 Tim Horton coffee/doughnut shops. Six! And there is ALWAYS a long line up, no matter the time of day. In my current little village, there is only 1, but the lineups never let up. It really is amazing stuff. :)

  6. 1. Movie tickets (completely agree with you on this one) and I better be early and get in before the previews start or I get really REALLY pissed! I love previews!

    2. Starbucks, chai tea latte with carmel or pumpkin spice added! Nummy!

    3. Kansas State University Football or Basketball games! Love my Wildcats. :-)

  7. Off topic: You're reading Sweet Inspiration? I love that book. Isn't Penny great?

  8. Ack! Sorry for the late response! Bad Jen...baaad baaad Jen. =/

    @Anna - If I was a beer fan I'd totally agree with you on the beer. Yeah, I guess making a line with kids can be a little trying.

    @Isa - Hell. Yes! To the corn on the cob AND amusement park rides. LOL! Man that line about bookstore totally rings a bell....

    @Julie - Tim Horton's coffee (or hot chocolate) huh. I wonder if we have any of those down here. I guess it's the equivalent to our Starbucks...or do guys have those too?

    @Deanna - LOL! Woohoo! Another preview lover. OMG...we were so meant to be friends. I looove their chai tea latte too!!

    @Juju - I looove the story. She's a really good writer. I can't wait for the next book.