Saturday, April 2, 2011

Plinky Question of the Day…sort of


The Plinky Question of the Day is a weekly feature I added to the blog to get to know you guys better and vice versa.  Sometimes the questions will deal with books or reading but, most of the time they won’t.  Because, let’s face it, there’s more to us than what we read.


So today’s question is more of a Jen question than a Plinky question.  Seeing how Friday was April Fool’s Day, I want to know the following:


That’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?  You say you have the misfortune of being the prankee and not the pranker?  Well then what’s the best prank someone’s ever pulled on you?


Okay so I come from a family of practical jokers.  I’ve pranked and have been pranked more times than I can count.  One of the ones I’m most proud of is when I helped someone reverse a prank that was being pulled on them.  Hey!  Just cause I pull pranks doesn’t mean I don’t use my powers for good.  The story goes something like this….

One of my friend’s at work decides he’s going to plan a romantic trip for his girlfriend, who also works with us.  They decide that their first trip together is going to be one of those weekend cruises.  Some of our co-workers, who happen to be vicious in the prank department, catch wind of their trip and decide that they’re all going to “join them” on this trip.  These fuckers went so far as to create fake confirmation pages to convince this poor guy that they weren’t joking.  After a few days (that’s right, I said days) of this torment my friend is really upset because he thinks all these jerks are for real going on this trip with him and his girl.  His girlfriend knows it’s a prank but, has gone along with it for so long that she’s scared to admit it to him for fear of getting left on land while he takes off on the cruise.

This is where I come in.  I knew of the prank and thought it was funny at first.  However, when I noticed that they were dragging this thing out for way longer than necessary I got a little miffed.  So I pulled him aside and told him what was going on and mentioned how this was a really good opportunity to get a little payback. He of course agreed and we decided the he was going to tell the pranksters that he was cancelling the trip because he thought it was really messed up that they invited themselves without asking him.  So they get worried that he might be serious and I overhear one of the evil doers talking to another co-worker about their predicament.  This co-worker says that she has a friend who can confirm if what he’s saying is true because, as fate would have it, her friend works at the cruise line they booked their trip on.  I intercept her before she makes the call and give her the low down of what’s going on.  When I see the gleam in her eye I know that I have a partner in crime that’s going to help me pull this thing off.  She agrees to tell her friend to confirm that he cancelled it to keep our prank going.  She makes the call and puts it on speaker.  Can I just say how friggin’ priceless it was to see everyone’s jaw hit the floor when this girl’s friend “confirmed” that he indeed had cancelled the cruise?!

Being the equal opportunity prankster that I am, we let the pranksters stew on this bit of info overnight and the next day, after I dropped them off at their cruise ship, they took pictures with drinks in their hands and sent them to all of their tormentors.  Guys, it was EPIC!!  That prank happened over a year ago and people are STILL talking about it.

Okay now it’s your turn.  I want to hear all the sordid details!


  1. Last year, I took a screenshot of my mum's PC with her programs up and stuff, set it as the background, closed all programs, hid all desktop icons, and hid the start bar. She was furiously clicking for half an hour. I found it quite funny.

  2. Wow Jen, that prank was nuts! I can't believe how detailed it got but how perfect it was! I'm not big on pranks...not going to lie. I just find that the ones I've seen in the past get taken too far (kinda like the first part of your prank) and people get hurt so I try to avoid them. I will say that at the highschool every year when the seniors have their rehersal day for graduation they call it the Junior Take Over day because the Juniors will obviously be moving up to become Seniors. Well all of the Juniors skip the day and take head down to the Freshman Center and dive-bomb the Freshman with water balloons, and ketchup and musturd balloons. Well the year I was a Freshman our class was ready. We were sitting out front and as soon as the Juniors pulled up in their vehicles with all their windows down trying to bomb us with balloons we all had our own and started chucking them at the Juniors and into their vehicles. Needless to say they were all pissed because we got them good! LOL.

  3. @Alex - And then you say I'm evil. least I didn't prank my own Mom.

    @Deanna - LOL..yeah I know what you mean but, sometime choice opportunities present themselves. By the way LOVE that you guys punked the Juniors. Friggin' classic!