Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Year Wiser

Happy Birthday
At least that’s what my parents tell me.  I’m 31-years-young today and I feel like the perfect way to celebrate is to have a Flash Giveaway.  I’ll be giving away $15 worth of books from The Book Depository.  Here’s how to enter:


What are you doing just standing (or sitting) there?  Get those fingers moving!  Time’s running out!

Jen D.


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day! My fondest birthday memory, that's a tough one. Probably my 7th birthday, I had my whole family over and a massive cake, I remember being really happy. :)

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  3. Happy Haaaaappppyyyyyyy Birthday!!! and yes 31 is still young right?!?!

    My fondest Birthday memory? on my 30th Birthday hubs put small post it notes everywhere in the house!!! With the fist one on my coffee machine which is the first thing I touch in the morning..and then every place I go normally next! That as super sweet!!!

    I follow your blog and also on Twitter :))

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    This years birthday was probably the best. I was able to spend a lot of time with friends :)

    GFC follower: lratrandom


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, chica! *hugs* I hope you have a day as special as you!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Hmm. Fondest memory is tough, because my birthday and I have a love-hate relationship. I'd have to say my fondest birthday memory was when I turned 21. I finally started talking with my now-boyfriend outside of the normal work interactions. Bet that's not a typical 21st birthday memory. ;)

    I am now a GFC follower (because apparently I wasn't before, and that's just wrong), and a Twitter follower (@BookBender). You can contact me through email onabookbender [at] gmail [dot] com

    Again, happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous one!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday From All Of Us To You, We Wish It Was Our Birthday So We Could Party Too! :-D Happy Birthday Jen.

    Fondest birthday memory...Turning 22 in Dublin, Ireland. It was so much fun. All of my friends from the trip and I went out and had a few drinks, danced, hung out, and experienced the wonderment that is Dublin. :-) I actually added one of my bar tenders to FB so it's fun to see what she has going on. Yep, that was probably the best birthday yet.

    I'm pretty sure I'm a GFC follower with my other blog and of course Twitter. :-)


    Thanks for sharing the birthday fun with us!

  8. Happy Birthday Jen! I would have to say my most favorite birthday memory was when I was younger and my little brother put his whole hand in my birthday cake. I was so pissed at the time, but now I have to laugh. Chucky Cheeze wil never be the same with out that memory.

    I follow you through GFC

  9. A few years ago, my friends threw me a surprise party! For some reason, I decided to just head there early, so when I called to get directions, my friend told me the longest, most round about way to get to...the wrong location of the resaturant! Then he sent me to the right one -- but he had to stall me so everyone could arrive!

    I follow you on Twitter -- @FloeticFlo

    TweetyB99 at aol dot com

  10. Happy Birthday, Jen!!! *hugs*

    My best birthday was probably my first one with the big guy, my 22nd. Suffice it to say, I knew by then I wasn't going to let him get away :)

    And good Lord but please don't enter me in your giveaway - I have enough books already! (And yes, I am aware of how ludicrous that sounds but it is most definitely true. LOL)

    Have a great day, roomie :D

  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday love. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

    @Belle - Massive quantities of cake is always a good way to celebrate.

    @Danny - I like to think so. ;-) Oh my gosh that's soo sweet. Good job hubs.

    @Jen - Quality time with friends is always a good thing. Birthday or not.

    @Ash - Aww shucks. *bear hug*

    @Amanda - That's actually really sweet. Glad he stepped up to the plate. ;-) LOL! No worries. There's other ways to stalk people.

    @D - That is an amazing birthday memory. I'm not gonna lie I'm a wee bit jealous.

    @Jen - LOL! Oh little brothers. They sure know hnow to steal our spotlight huh. Glad you look back at the moment and are able to laugh. =)

  12. @Floetic - LOL! That's an interesting way to get stalled for a surprise party.

    @Jen - Aww..that's sweet. He's a lucky man I tell ya. Boooo! You have to sign up. I'll send you a notebook or pen set or something. Thanks roomie! *hugs*

  13. My fondest birthday memory is from this past in when I turned thirty. The whole family got together and gave me a cake and had me open gifts. My co-workers even brought cake and pizza to work. Even from my girls. It was so special. Especially since no one ever remembers my birthday.

    Hollybwright at comcast dot net

  14. Oh happy birthday!

    Any special plans for the night?

    Good luck everyone!

  15. Happy Birthday Jen.

    My mom used to wake us up (sister and I) on our birthdays with a Happy Birthday song from a Spanish group call Parchis and breakfast in bed. Breakfast always was our favorite food, plus favorite candy and a flower, that day we were also allowed to skip school if we wanted.
    After some years we started to hate the Parchis' song, we were "grown ups" (teenagers) so this custom stop. And last year after more of 15 years or so, my mom and my sister called me on my birthday (they live 7000 miles away) and the first thing I heard over the phone was the Parchis' song... Lets just say I cried a bit during that phone call.

    Enjoy your birthday, we have one a year!

  16. Happy Birthday!! My fondest memory was two years ago when I turned 40. I went to Africa for the first time. The best journey I ever had!!

    I follow you and your blog on twitter: TiDubb

  17. Oh wow!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

    My favorite Birthday memory was when I turned 32 and all I wanted to do was stay home and eat Burthday cake and watch Wall-E with my hubs :)

    I am a Twitter follower!!

    spazp at me dot com

  18. 1980 in da house!! I turn 31 this year, too!! In Dec! And for my 30th, my friends got me a Kindle! Best.BDay.Gift.Ever!! :D (I follow you on GFC & Twitter!)

    jess [at] gonewiththewords [dot] com

  19. Thanks for the birthday love guys!!

    @holls - I love it when co-workers take the time to celebrate your birthday.

    @Juju - Thanks! A Thai dinner with the fam and then home to watch the NBA finals. Go Heat!

    @BookaholicCat - I just got super misty-eyed! Thanks for sharing that story. I'm really close to my Mom and sister too!

    @Tina - That's a hell of a birthday trip! Glad you had a fab time!

    @Pam - What a good hubs. Definitely can't go wrong with burfday cake, ice cream, Wall-E and hubs.

    @Jess - Woot Woot! Go 80s go 80s go go go 80s! You've got yourself some awesome friends! They've set a high bar for themselves. ;-)

  20. My favorite birhday is when I turn 15(Quinceañera). Here in Mexico is custom to make a big party and I have a waltz with my father and after with my escort.Was awesome.
    GFC not working
    Twitter follower = @adrianaec7
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Happy birthday to the best blogging buddy ever! I hope you had an amazing and awesome deserve the best!

  22. @Adriana - I'm Cuban so I know all about Quinceanera parties. They are quite the production. I didn't have one but, I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

    @Anna - No, no you're the best blogging buddy ever!