Saturday, June 18, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Saturdays - Week 1

So You Think You Can Dance

Hello party people!  Apologies to those of you expecting the Plinky Question of the Day today.  The lovely Ash from Smash Attack Reads! asked yours truly to co-host So You Think You Can Dance recaps with her on Saturdays.  Have no fear my Plinky question lovers.  I will be moving that feature to Sundays until this season of So You Think You Can Dance is over.  If you’re a lover of this show or of all things dance then click on the banner and head on over to Ash’s site to check out our commentary and videos of the performances.


  1. Great idea Jen. It makes me smile the days that SYTYCD airs and I'm witnessing you and Ash talking about the dances on twitter. It only makes sense that you guys would post about it too. :)

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm glad you get a kick out of our running commentary. Hope you get a chance to check out our post and some of the performances. =)