Saturday, June 25, 2011

SYTYCD Saturdays - Week 2

So You Think You Can Dance



Smash     and  Jen D.


Week 2 Competition
Aired 6/22/11


Jen:  Welcome back SYTYCD fans!  Thanks so much for joining me and Ash for another week of dancing fun.  Normally we’d have this shindig over at Ash’s site but, as some of you may know, she’s got some stuff to take care of over the coming weeks so I volunteered to take over the recaps until the dust settles on her end.  So without further blahdy blahing let’s get on to the fun stuff.  The judges for tonight’s show were Nigel, Mary and the legendary Debbie Reynolds, who was full of zany and colorful commentary.  There were no injured dancers this week so everyone was able to perform with their respective partners.  Tonight’s episode also had the dancers revealing their partners’ most embarrassing quirks and/or secrets.


Jen:  Ricky and Ryan opened up the show with a Mandy Moore Jazz routine.  Ricky revealed that Ryan’s leg hair grows back super fast and Ryan revealed that Ricky’s real name is Roderick.  Although the dancing was good I felt the emotion was lacking.  Especially from Ryan who had a smile pasted on her face the whole routine.  I believe Mandy wanted smoldering.

Ash:  I find this duo to be quite the powerhouse, and they both dance so beautifully. However, I couldn’t get past the costumes for this routine and the chemistry is just not believable.

Song:  Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer


Jen:  Next up we had Caitlynn and Mitchell dancing a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine.  Mitchell revealed that Caitlynn has a pair of boots that dye her feet blue and Caitlynn revealed that Mitchell likes to wear a zebra print Snuggie.  Everything about this routine was spot on.  The technique was on point and the emotions were perfect.  For me, this was the routine of the night.

Ash:  This was a unique routine and I thought it was danced beautifully. I preferred them dancing apart, however, at their separate chairs. Loved the light switching off at the end. Drama!

Song:  Turning Tables by Adele


Jen:  Missy and Wadi followed with a Jean Marc Genereux Cha Cha routine.  Apparently Wadi has a video of himself removing his chest hair with Nair and Missy has a funny laugh.  Unfortunately for Missy and Wadi this routine never came together for them.  It was slightly messy and a tad boring which is sad because their both really good dancers.

Ash:  *yawn* Other than Wadi looking mighty fine, this routine was the pits. Debbie was quite content with taking Wadi home. Get in line, lady!

Jen:  See what I mean about Debbie’s colorful commentary…

Song:  Cannibal by Ke$ha


Jen:  Iveta and Nick were up next with a Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood routine.  So Nick has a thing for shorts and Iveta talks to herself often.  I’m not sure I’m surprised by either revelation.  The routine was just okay for me.  I’m normally a big fan of Bollywood but, I’ve seen it danced much better so it was hard for me to fully get into their routine.

Ash:  Please, don’t ever – ever – put Nick in a vest again. Now that that is out of the way, this was a noble effort. I mean, Bollywood is a tough ass dance, but Katee & Joshua have spoiled me (in many other genres too!)

Jen:  LMAO!  I second the motion on the vest.

Song:  Baaware on the Luck by Chance Soundtrack


Jen:  Miranda and Robert got to work with Tabitha and Napoleon (aka Nappy Tabs) on a Hip Hop routine.  Robert called out Miranda by announcing her crush on Tadd and Miranda revealed that Robert thinks he’s a professional wrestler.  I am a fan of everything Nappy Tabs except for this routine.  And it really wasn’t the routine so much as the way it was danced.  It didn’t move me.

Ash:  I was delighted with Miranda’s spunk. Robert on the other hand, failed hip hop for the 2nd time in a row.

Song:  Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes


Jen:  Clarice and Jess danced a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine.  We learn that Clarice sleeps with her eyes open (creepy) and Jess draws stick figure orchestras (hilarious).  So I thought their routine was okay.  You could tell that the lifts were difficult because of their height difference.  They also seemed to dance better when they were separate than when they were together.

Ash:  Still not a Jess fan but he is a great dancer. I just can’t connect with him. I can’t take my eyes off Clarice when she dances. She is like a magnet!

Song:  Cathedrals by Jump Little Children


Jen:  Next up, Jordan and Tadd danced a Viennese Waltz choreographed by  Jean Marc Genereux.  Tadd called out poor Jordan by claiming that she’s ‘not the brightest crayon in the box’.  We find out that Tadd is OCD about organizing his clothes by color.  A man after my own heart.  I think they danced it well but, I don’t think they knocked it out of the park.  For some reason the lifts seemed a little choppy.

Ash:  Tadd surprised the heck outta me tonight. Well done, Hottie McHottpants.

Jen:  O_o


Song:  Fade Into Me by David Cook


Jen:  My favorite couple, Melanie and Marko, were up next with a Mandy Moore routine.  Melanie has a thing about having her ears touched and Marko reads romance novels.  This guy just earned hella points in my book.  These two did a great job with their routine.  One of my faves of the night.

Ash:  Melanie is my top girl, through and through. I didn’t find the routine all that special but she and Marko are a serious force.

Song:  Sing with a Swing (Raf Marchesini Radio Edit) by DKS


Jen:  Sasha and Alexander got the chance to work with Nappy Tabs on a Hip Hop routine.  Alexander told us about Sasha’s tendency to get really sweaty.  Sasha spilled the beans about Alexander’s obsession with looking at himself in the mirror.  I for one am not shocked.  With the exception of Alexander’s lack of facial expressions they danced the hell out of the routine.

Ash:  Sasha is my #2 girl. I thought she danced the Nappy Tabs routine something fierce, but Alexander was a letdown.

Song:  Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money & Skylar Grey


Jen:  The last couple of the night, Ashley and Chris, danced a Spencer Liff Broadway routine.  We learn that Chris has a nervous smile and that Ashley thinks she’s got swag.  (Unlike our Ash who has swag for days.)  Talk about a complete 180!  This ended up being another one of my favorites for the night.  They did 1,000 times better than last week and turned out a great performance.

Ash:  My favorite routine of the night. It was creative, they danced it well, I felt the heat. Those two redeemed themselves in my eyes.

Song:  Please, Mr. Jailer by Rachel Sweet



Results Show
Aired 6/23/2011


The show was opened up with a Dave Scott routine.  It was fun, quirky and brilliantly executed.  Jeebus!  I’m starting to sound like Nigel and I’ve only watched 4 episodes.  *shiver*


Song:  Sinnerman by Nina Simone


Our bottom 3 couples ended up being Missy & Wadi, Iveta & Nick, and Ryan & Ricky.  Once they were sent backstage to get ready for their solos we were treated to an interesting performance by Rage Crew.

Song:  Party Like This by Colton B featuring Mauli B


After their performance it was time for the dancers to dance for their life.  Here’s how it went:



Song: Pon De Floor by Major Lazer featuring VYBZ Kartel



Song: Move (Metronomony Remix) by CSS



Song: Follow Me Down by 30H!3 featuring Neon Hitch



Song: Samba Rock by Gennaro



Song: Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells



Song: Moving Mountains by Usher


Next up, LMFAO performed with Quest Crew.  (I loooove me some Hok!)


Party Rock Anthem


And then the bomb was dropped.  Wadi, Missy, Iveta and Nick were sent home.  And so it begins….


  1. Came over from Smash Attack's blog :)

    What's up with Ryan's facial expressions? Girl needs to close her mouth. I wasn't feeling the chemistry either.

    I wasn't feeling the Bollywood routine. I usually like Bollywood dances but it has to make me want to get up and shake my booty and those two didn't accomplish that.

    Did that chick fall in the Hip Hop routine? And it looked more like a chicken dance at times than Hip Hop. Meh.

    Whoa! Sasha and Alexander's dance gave me the chills! I loved the beginning where he was slo-mo walking. Love his look (hello, guy in a uniform!). Just wow.

    I like that the solos are only 40 seconds long.

    How wrong is it that Ryan reminds me of Elizabeth Berkeley in that stripper girl movie? And in that movie The First Wives Club were she's doing that butterfly dance thing...

    Wait up....pump the brakes. Where's Jordan? Did she get sent home? I think I miss last week....

    (Confession: Contemporary dance isn't my thing so I skipped those videos.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    LOL! I have no idea. I couldn't figure out why she was doing the cheesy smile thing when I'm pretty sure Mandy said she wanted it to be sexy.

    The Bollywood number definitely left a lot to be desired.

    Yes. That chick almost face planted in the middle of the routine. LOL @ chicken dance comment.

    I thought Sasha's and Alexander's performance was pretty good. He was too serious though.

    LMFAO!! I love that you just went there with the Elizabeth Berkeley comment. I can so see it.

    Jordan's still in. They did a decent Viennese Waltz.

  3. Yeah, I had to go there with the Elizabeth Berkeley comment. LOL There was something about Ryan that bugged me and I finally realized what it was. (Besides her weird facial expressions.)

    Oh, I totally missed the Viennese Waltz video! That dance doesn't wow me so I had originally skipped it but I watched it just now. It was okay. I really like Jordan so I have my eye on her.

    I noticed there wasn't a solo for Jordan - not everyone gets a solo? I haven't been watching the show on TV. I like catching just the good stuff on Smash's recaps :) (I'm a total cheater.)

  4. I don't watch entire episodes of this (don't know why not so don't ask) so I am LOVING these recaps that you guys are doing. Great job Ash and Jen!!!

  5. I'm another non-watcher but the recaps are fun. Sometimes I feel like there is more gymnastics than dance.

  6. @Book Vixen - The Viennese Waltz isn't really one of my favorites. It's pretty and all that jazz but, it's a little too slow for me.

    Nope not everyone gets a solo. Only the bottom 3 couples of to DANCE FOR THEIR sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes. ;)

    Cheat away my dear. I'm in love with my DVR because I get to fast forward through all the unnecessary crap.

    @Julie - Um, okay...I won't ask. ;) Glad you're enjoying them. What's not to love about dance, right?

    @Dot - LOL! Sometimes they go over the top with the tumbling but, I'm all about the stunts.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  7. Thank you so much for this post!!! I'm not able to catch this show on television, and this is just the update I needed.

  8. You're very welcome Zee! I always love hanging with other dance fans.