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SYTYCD Saturdays - Week 3




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Week 3 Competition
Aired 6/29/11


While Ash is moving into her new digs, I will be manning this week’s recap all by my lonesome.  Well technically that’s not true because I’ve got all you wonderful dance fanatics here with me.  So let’s talk week 3 shall we?  We had more judges than usual this week.  Let’s see there was Nigel, Mary, Lil’ C and guest judge Kristin Chenoweth.  I’d like to start a petition to keep Kristin on the panel for the rest of the season because she was awesome.  Anyone willing to sign this petition?  This week the dancers were asked to talk about what they were like as kids and what their first performances were like.  A plethora of adorable baby pictures and home videos were shown.  I definitely had enough ‘aww how cute’ moments to hold me over until next season.


The show started off with the first of two group routines.  They divided the top 16 into two groups of 8.  Four guys and four girls.  The dancers in this group were Ryan, Clarice, Miranda, Sasha, Chris, Tadd, Mitchell and Marko.  They danced a Tyce Diorio routine.  I thought it was pretty good but, I don’t remember anyone really sticking out.

Song:  Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles


First pair up was Sasha and Alexander.  They danced a really cool Dee Caspary Contemporary routine.  A piano was used as a prop and I thought it was put to good use.  Sasha killed it.  Unfortunately, I’m still not convinced by Alexander.

Song:  Cary Brothers


Caitlynn and Mitchell were up next with a Jean-Marc Genereux Samba routine.  Unfortunately, this piece didn’t do much for me.  Caitlynn looked beautiful but, was out booty maneuvered by Mitchell.  It almost seemed like they were out of sync at times but, that might just be me.

Song:  Put it in a Love Song by Alicia Keys feat. Beyonce


Miranda and Robert were up next with a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine.  I thought it was a vast improvement from last week.  Robert has personality for days and Miranda stepped up her sex kitten game.

Song:  It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) by Sophisticated Ladies (1981 Soundtrack)


And then we had the BEST ROUTINE OF THE SEASON (so far).  Melanie and Marko danced a Nappy Tabs Lyrical Hip Hop routine and they were AMAZING.   These guys are the couple to beat people.  Mark my words!

Ash:  I adored both Nappy Tabs routines.  They were my top two favorite of the night.  However, I think Melanie has this title in the bag.

Song:  I Got You by Leona Lewis


Ashley and Chris danced a Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine.  The concept was quirky and funky and everything that a Sonya routine is known for.  Unfortunately, this was one of the most disappointing of the night.  There was no connection to the routine or between the dancers.

Song:  Lights Go Down (District 78 Remix) by Telepathe


Clarice and Jess danced a Jean-Marc Genereux Foxtrot routine.  I really enjoyed it.  It was classy and smooth.  Clarice looked amazing in the dress she was wearing.  High five to the wardrobe department.


Song:  Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra


Next up we had Ryan and Ricky dancing a Sonya Tayeh Contemporary routine.  The concept was really cool.  It was danced well but, I could see Ryan trying to fight the smile that kept trying to creep up to her face.  I know these guys are great dancers but, I’m not buyin’ what they’re sellin’. 

Song:  With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic) by Robyn


Jordan and Tadd were the last ones on deck with a Nappy Tabs hip hop routine.  It was fun, funky and they performed the hell out of it.  I know for a fact that Ash was a happy camper when Tadd hopped off the bed with no shirt on.  This one was my 2nd favorite routine of the night.

Song:  Memories by David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi


The last routine of the night was a Dee Caspary group routine.  The dancers for this one were Robert, Jess, Alexander, Ricky, Caitlynn, Melanie, Ashley and Jordan.  Of the two group numbers this one was probably my favorite.

Song:  Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars



Results Show
Aired 6/30/2011


The show was opened up with a Michael Rooney Jazz routine.  It was a bit sloppy but a really fun number.


Song: The Incredits on The Incredibles soundtrack


After a drawn out wait we find out that our bottom 3 couples are Ashley & Chris, Miranda & Robert and Caitlynn & Mitchell.  We were then treated to a really beautiful and inspiring routine from Axis Dance Group.  Never say that you CAN’T do something because you most definitely can.  Got it?  Good!

Song: Partita for Violin Solo No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004: V. Ciaccona by Janine Jansen


And then it was time for the dancers to DANCE FOR THEIR LIFE…



Song: For You by David Ryan Harris



Song: You're Gonna Make It by KJ-52 feat. Blanca Reyes



Song: Unthinkable by Maria Zouroudis



Song: I Don't Need It by Jamie Foxx



Song: It Doesn't Hurt (live version) by Katie Thompson



Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele


The solos were followed by a spectacular routine by Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian who are the United States and World Theatrical Ballroom Champions. I was left speechless.


Song:  Calypso on the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack

So who ended up leaving us?  Miranda and Robert were asked to pack their bags.  I thought Miranda deserved to stay because Ashley had the weaker solo but, hey, what do I know?


What did you guys think of this week’s performances?


  1. Caitlynn was totally out booty maneuvered by Mitchell!! He was bootilicious! Not feeling the chemistry between them :(

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Melanie and Marko were awesome!! Great chemistry and that kiss!!

    The bed routine was a bit awkward in the beginning.

    The Axis Dance Group was really cool to watch.

    Chris' solo was awesome! Mitchell better not get booted off the show. We need more of his bootilicious dancing!

    Both Mitchell and Jess have a strong stage presence. I'm watching them guys more than their females partners.

    Holey moley! Those Ballroom Champions were amazing! Their dance was effortless and graceful in the most impossible of ways. He handles her like she's nothing but a 5 lbs doll. WOW. They make it look too easy.

    Thanks for the recap ladies!

  2. Thank you for handling the recap again this week. You be da bomb. ♥

    I am still in awe by those champion performers. Speechless is right. And I still totally love the Melanie/Marko routine. I mean, wow. ♥

  3. Melanie & Marko were definitely my favorite this week. And, yes! I want Kristin Chenoweth on the panel forever! SHUT. THE FRONT. DOOR! Shut the back door...shut the window. LOL

  4. @Book Vixen - I know they're capable of it. That chair dance they did was good. Ballroom is the kiss of death I tell ya.

    That kiss indeed...mmm mmm MMM!

    LOL! Don't let Ash see you saying that!

    Axis was amazing.

    You make a good point. Although a lot of people for some reason don't like Jess. Might be a personality thing.

    Holey moley is right. That section where they're going super fast I was watching through squinted eyes. I was scared she was going to go flying!

    You're very welcome!

    @Ash - Aww shucks woman. Ain't no thang but a chicken wang. I'm all about Melanie and Marko.

    @Jess - LMAO! I quoted her the rest of the week at work. Best guest judge EVER!

  5. I think you're right about Jess's personality. He seems a little too sure about himself. But I still like watching him dance :)

  6. I think what took me (immediately) out of Caitlin and Mitchell's Samba routine was the extremely crappy music. Jean Marc does this sometimes with his music choices and it leaves me and probably a lot of people thinking, what?

    I also felt that Ashley and whatever her partner's name is should have gone home. Their performance was severely lacking in everything that a Sonya Tayeh routine needs.

    Ever since Robert toned down his "woo man" crap, he's grown on me, as has Miranda. It's too bad they ended up getting cut.

  7. Jen & Book Vixen, I too don't enjoy Jess's rubs me the wrong way. He does dance well though.

  8. @Book Vixen - Me too. Especially when he dances Broadway.

    @Brooke - OMG yes! The music he picked is atrocious.

    I feel the same way. Especially Ashley who's solo was not all that great.

    I knew Robert would be leaving but, I was hoping Miranda would stick around.