Friday, August 19, 2011

Authors After Dark 2011: Part 2



Sooo I swear I had every intention of posting this yesterday but, I kind of forgot how much stuff happened on Friday and Saturday and realized it wasn’t going to happen so yeah... *shrugs*



Friday was a fun filled day of panels followed by the Masquerade Dinner and Ball.  First panel of the day was Beyond Reviewing:  The Blogger/Author Relationship.  The authors and bloggers on this panel were Jules a.k.a. Minx from Loose Knickers and Window Lickers (@juju221), Pam a.k.a. SpazP from Wicked Little Pixie (@SpazP), Dakota Cassidy, Mandi from Smexy Books (@smexybooks), Nancy Holzner, Carolyn Crane and Nicole Peeler.  I think this panel was geared more toward authors but, I found it interesting nonetheless.  One of the main points stressed during the panel was for authors to keep their review requests straight and to the point.  Crazy PowerPoint presentations and fancy binding need not apply.

2011-08-12_10-22-45_270  2011-08-12_10-22-53_947

Next panel we hit up was by far the best one of the entire Con.  It was the Guess the Author by the Sex Scene panel.  Oooohhhh yeeeaaahhh!  The authors who participated were Carolyn Crane, Nicole Peeler, PJ Schnyder and Dakota Cassidy.  Not only was I fanning myself but, I was laughing so hard I damn near peed my pants.  If that weren’t enough, we were joined by a BBC film crew who were doing a special on the romance  community during the reading.  Don’t believe me?  Well see for yourselves.


Yes, that’s THE Nicole Peeler with a boom mic over her head.  Told ya!  *ahem*  Anywho, we broke for lunch and then headed to the Bloggers Tell It panel.  The bloggers who participated were Robin K. from Intense Whisper (@IntenseWhisper), JoJo from JoJo’s Book Corner (@JoJosBookBorner), Jules (a.k.a Minx) from Loose Knickers and Window Lickers, Pam (a.k.a. SpazP) from Wicked Little Pixie and Mandi from Smexy Books.  The ladies were the epitome of grace under pressure as they answered questions from authors and bloggers alike.  I have a horrid fear of public speaking but, I managed to raise my braced up hand and ask a question.  I asked them what their biggest blogging challenge was and the most popular answer was time.  I hear ya ladies.  I sooo hear ya.


Next up, the Urban Fantasy panel.  Our panel consisted of Nicole Peeler, Carolyn Crane, Erin Kellison, Jennifer Estep, Jess Haines, Kristen Painter and Anton Strout.  This was set up more as a Q&A where the authors got to ask each other questions as well as taking questions from the audience.  One of my favorite questions asked was what direction they thought Urban Fantasy was going in.

2011-08-12_15-13-54_170  2011-08-12_15-13-41_901

The day ended with the Masquerade Dinner and Ball.  I loved watching everyone walk in decked out with their costumes.  Definitely a cool sight to see.  Once dinner was over we headed downstairs to hang out and dance to some fresh tunes.  It was fun to see everyone kick back and have a good time.  The only thing I regret is not taking a single friggin’ picture the whole night.  Ugh!



First panel of the day was Demons, The Next Big Thing?  Authors in attendance were Larissa Ione, Allison Pang, Dakota Cassidy, Meljean Brook and Alexandra Ivy.  They touched a little on why they decided to use demons as characters and how that plays into the whole good vs. evil thing and/or the whole moral code thing.  It was interesting stuff.

2011-08-13_11-06-24_306  2011-08-13_11-06-36_424

And then in was time for the book signing.  I don’t know if I was more excited or nervous but, I definitely made out like a bandit.

Allison revAntonCarolynDakotaErinJenniferLarissaMeljeanNancy revNicoleTheresa

In order of appearance:  Allison Pang, Anton Strout, Carolyn Crane, Dakota Cassidy, Erin Kellison, Jennifer Estep, Larissa Ione, Meljean Brook, Nancy Holzner, Nicole Peeler and Theresa Meyers


The night ended with a Steampunk Dinner and Ball.  Costume wise the Steampunk Ball beat the Masquerade Ball.  Music wise, not so much.  There was an interesting side show/freak show act that performed during the ball.  It was…interesting.  Penny (@sweetiepiepen) and her facial expressions totally made my evening.  Here’s the only picture I managed to take.  You can’t really see it but, that dude is bull whipping flowers out of that girl's mouth.  Told ya it was interesting.



All in all I had an amazing time during AAD.  Sure there were some cons mixed in with the pros but, as you can see the pros (one of which was getting to chit chat with Carolyn Crane!) definitely outnumbered them.  I can’t wait to see the adventures that await me during AAD 2012.  Here are some of the things I plan to do next year in New Orleans:

  • Grow a pair of lady balls and not be so shy about introducing myself to my fellow bloggers.  On that note I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Pam (@SpazP) for being so friggin’ sweet, Penny (@sweetiepiepen) for having me laugh so hard I snorted and Bells (@bellie7) for her Smutty Monday Goodness posts…she knows why.  ;-)
  • Attend every panel Dakota Cassidy and Anton Strout are on if they attend next year because they're both friggin’ hilarious.
  • Remember to take a picture with my roomie!  I can’t believe we don’t have a single picture of us Jen! (@jenthebookworm)
  • Bring extra cash with me in case the meal plan doesn’t pan out.
  • Plan ahead so I can bring all the books I forgot at home this year.
  • Do more sightseeing.  Graveyard tour anyone?
  • Make sure to match my flights to Larissa’s (@larissa_sarah) so that we can have more airport adventures.  Because who wouldn’t want to finish of AAD like this:



If you guys are interested in attending next year, make sure to click HERE for more info.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my crazy misadventures.  See you in the Big Easy!


  1. You are soooooooooo cuuuuuuuute! I love your recap and thanks for the pics. OMG the boom mic with Nicole is CLASSIC. ESP considering what she was reading!! Lisa Valdez is a dirty dirty girl LOL Anyway, it was so awesome to meet you even if it wasn't until the third day, and I will see you again in NOLA if not sooner!!!!!!!

  2. I have no idea how we got out of Philly without getting at LEAST one picture of the both of us!

    LOVE the pic of Nicole, LOL! I'm starting to get a little teary-eyed, remembering all the laughs. *sniff*

    Wonderful recap, roomie!

  3. OMG how fun! And a steampunk ball? How flipping cool!

    So what kind of music was played at this steampunk ball?

  4. @Pam - Aww shucks...thanks! LOL...there's no way I wasn't going to take a picture of that boom mic. Yes, very dirty and perhaps a bit out there as well. Sooner?!?! Perhaps a trip down to the 305?!

    @Jen - Seriously! Who does that?! Oh yeah..apparently we do. now don't fret. NOLA will be here before you know it. Thanks roomie!

    @Juju - It was definitely hella fun. I don't know how to describe it. It was kind of industrial sounding but not really. It was actually a bit scary.

  5. @Smash - YAY indeed. Good times were definitely had.

  6. YES! best way to end it all and we soooo need to room next year if you go wooohooo!!!


  7. Wow, between this post and the first one I can tell you had an awesome time and you were able to meet several awesome authors. I really want to go next year! It would make my year if I could. :-) So we'll see what I can pull out after I get a real job. LOL. :-P

  8. @Larissa - At the very least we need to match our flights.

    @D - Fun times were had my friend. I hope you can make it. You've got plenty of time to give notice and sort out those details. ;)

  9. I love this post and I can't wait to tag along with you next year Jen. Woot!

  10. @Julie - Thanks Julie! Can't wait to finally meet you and hang out. Let the countdown begin!