Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tune in Tuesdays: 90's Edition

This weekly meme is hosted by Ginger at GReads and is meant to showcase another passion: music. Each week you can post an old or new song so that it gains more interest or is discovered by new ears. So let's help Ginger spread our love of music. Oh and don't forget to submit a link to your post over on Ginger’s site by clicking on the banner.

A couple of weeks ago Ginger decided to change up her Tune in Tuesdays meme by restricting it to songs released in the 90's.  I for one love it.  I'm also ecstatic that my cast is off and that I have enough mobility in my wrist to be able to type again.  Woo to the hoo!  I decided to showcase some of my favorite 90's hip hop songs this week.  Hope you enjoy!

The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

Jump Around by House of Pain

Sabotage by Beastie Boys
True Story:  One of my departments recreated this video for a yearly Halloween skit competition we do here in the office.  It was EPIC.  We ended up winning first place.


  1. I love Sabatoge! I always thought the music video was epically amazing! :D

  2. Glad to hear your cast is off and you're back! :)

  3. House of Pain's Jump Around! What up! haha

  4. I really love the 90's theme it has me reminiscing-lol. Loved these songs. :)

  5. Holla!! Finally another girl with some rap picks! I can't even begin to explain how much I loved Jump Around. And Sabotage?! I am still the only one who can successfully sing that song on Rock Band! Awesome picks!!

  6. Jump Around always reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire and adolescent boys jumping around all crazy-like at splash parties at the pool.

    I have a soft spot for a few Beastie Boys songs and Sabotage is one of them. Good picks :)

  7. LOVE!!!!!! ahhh, the Beastie Boys. ♥ I play them just to annoy Todd. lol

  8. HAHA! Jump around! Oh my gosh, that brings back some school dance memories. lol. My siter's HS dance team did a 90's tribute dance last year & this song started it off. Oh my. lol THanks for sharing!

  9. No No No! Now I have that stupid (yet highly catchy) Jump Around song in my head! You suck Jen...but I still love ya. ;)

  10. @Liza - Me too! I loved that they went with that whole 70's cop show vibe.

    @Amanda - Thanks chica. It feels good to be back.

    @Ginger - LOL! That song never fails to make me, um, jump around.

    @Neri - Me too! I love rediscovering some of my favorites from back in the day.

    @Sara Bee - LMAO! Us rap girls gotta stick together. ;) Kudos for being able to sing it on Rock Band. Beastie Boys songs are a lot trickier than they seem.

    @Marissa - LOL! Ms. Doubtfire? Really? Is it in the movie?

    @Smash - LOL! Todd doesn't like the Beastie Boys?!?! That's almost unforgivable!

    @LitzaLou - It reminds of a lot of school dances too. That's cool that your sister's dance team included it as part of their routine. Bet they had the crowd moving.

    @Julie - LMFAO! I'm sorry! Glad you still love me though. ;) Hey maybe you can play it for the kids and wear them out.

    Thank you all for stopping by. It's much appreciated!

  11. Jump Around still makes me happy dance :) Great picks!