Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Gots Winners!!

First up is the winner of  the Bout of Books 2.0 Match the Urban Fantasy Hero(ine) to their Faithful Sidekick Challenge.  Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner for this.  It got hectic.  Anywhoozle, the winner is:


I'll be sending an e-mail your way shortly.

Next up we have the winners of the Penny Watson Giveaway.  They are...

Ladies I, as well as Penny, will be sending e-mails your way shortly.  A big thanks to Penny and Oskar for the giveaway and interview!


  1. Wow!! Thank you!!!!! Two Melissa's too!! How funny!!!

  2. Congrats to the winners! And huge thanks to Jen for having me as a guest on your blog. I will be sending some ebooks out today!

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!