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Review: Make Me Shiver by Aline Hunter

Make Me Shiver
Title:  Make Me Shiver
Author:  Aline Hunter
Genre:  Contemporary Erotica, BDSM
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Publication Date:  December 21, 2011
Series/Standalone:  Book 1 in the Just Make Me series
Cover Artist: N/A
Who/What/Why/Where/How:  Purchased by me.
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When Lacey loses control of her vehicle and finds herself trapped by ice and snow, she knows there's only one person to call for help. Unfortunately, Michael may cause more turmoil than relief. She's lusted for the gorgeous Dom ever since she first laid eyes on him. Trouble is, he doesn't do vanilla and she's not a submissive...or is she?

Michael's hungered for Lacey for months, so when he notices her fleeting glimpses and blush-stained cheeks as he rescues her from an altercation with a guardrail, he decides it's time to push the sultry beauty's boundaries...only to discover Lacey's not as reserved as she thinks.

Physical attraction blossoms into something neither anticipates, taking Michael and Lacey beyond kink, dominance and submission. Their newfound connection is strong until a flame from Michael's past returns, shatters the fragile trust he and Lacey have only just developed and threatens to destroy something neither wants to surrender.


I don't read many erotic reads ( I'm a prude ), but I'm a sucker for book covers.  This cover just screamed naughty good time and so I took the plunge.  I have to say that I loved it.  Aline Hunter's Make Me Shiver was a nice mix of erotica and romance.  Each chapter put Michael and Lacey in situations that was either going to make this couple or break them.   What sold me was Michael's character.  I loved that this Dom and Tow Truck driver was monogamous to the core and not into sharing his woman.  The sex scenes were smokin’ and had no raunch factor (no gerbils or pudding involved).  I would recommend this to anyone who has not taken the erotic plunge or is just looking for a sexy love story.   Thank you Aline Hunter!  You have renewed this girl’s take on erotica.

Favorite Lines / Scenes:
My favorite scene is where Lacey is over at Michael's house for the first time.  Michael jumps in the shower and Lacey's curiosity gets the best of her and she ends up finding the er, ‘special’ room in his house.  I kept thinking, you're so in trouble girl.  I felt like I was right there with her with my mouth hanging open and staring like a deer caught in head lights.  Yeah, I wanted tear out of there, but not Lacey.  She's such a brave girl.

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Make Me Shiver
Make Me Surrender

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  1. This one does sound very good Jen! I put it on my TBR list. I'm happy that you enjoyed this Erotica since you don't normally care for them.

  2. @Paperback Daydreamer. It's a good thing when I can break out of my book box. :-)

  3. Hmm, interesting. I don't really read erotica either. But I think it's great you tried it and enjoyed it.