Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Character Interview and Giveaway: Kat and Father Mulcahy from the Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter series



I’m super stoked to have a couple of members from Deacon’s team here today for a joint interview.  If you’ve stopped by to visit the blog over the last couple of days, I’m guessing you’ve figured out that I really enjoyed James R. Tuck’s prequel novella and book 1 in his Deacon Chalk: Bounty Hunter series.  I couldn’t resist asking James to let me borrow some of his characters for a Q&A session.  So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Kat, Deacon’s multitasking, tech wiz, organization/research guru (a girl after my own heart) and Father Mulcahy, his chain-smoking, coffee-swilling, foul-mouthed Catholic priest mentor.


Jen:  Thanks so much for stopping by.  So, what's it like working with Deacon?

Kat:  Well, I am mostly the back end of the operation.  I don't really do much fieldwork.  I'm the one who makes sure he has enough silver bullets.  I'm the one who makes sure the club stays open so we can afford those silver bullets.  Basically, I do all the office work that goes into Deacon's mission.  Before I came along he didn't even have a cell phone!  Now he has a way to contact us if he needs back up and I handle dealing with our police connection to keep us out of the limelight.  Father Mulcahy is the one who is out on the front lines with him.

Father Mulcahy:  (lights a cigarette) I'm out there when he lets me.  The boy is stubborn.  He tries to do it all.  He knows his limitations, but is always trying to push them.  Then again, you have to realize why.  After what he went through with his family dying he is more than a little...what's the word I am looking for?

Kat:  Relentless?

Father Mulcahy:  He is, but that's not the word.

Kat:  Driven?

Father Mulcahy:  Driven is a good word.  That one will work.

Kat:  He is highly-motivated.  But there's monsters.  Somebody has to do it.

Father Mulcahy:  Yes.  But he doesn't have to do it all.  Can't tell him that though.


Jen:  I know a few people like that.  They can be, uh, interesting to deal with.  What 3 words would you use to best describe him?

Kat:  Dangerous, damaged, and kind.  I know the man, he's like my brother, but there are times he is really scary.  He has done some really, really terrible things while fighting monsters, just things that are so far over the edge.  But as harsh as he has been I have never seen him be cruel.

Father Mulcahy:  Those are good ones.  He is indeed rough, but noble in his own way.  He doesn't see it, but he is.  Self-sacrificing.  Those would cover it.


Jen:  What's your favorite thing about him?

Kat:  Like I said earlier, I have seen and heard about him doing things that would make a normal person lose their minds but no matter how far over the edge he goes he doesn't hold on to it.  He lets it go and keeps moving.

Father Mulcahy:  It still bothers him though.  The boy isn't heartless.

Kat:  No!  He absolutely isn't heartless.  In fact his life would be so much easier if he was.

Father Mulcahy:  True.  My favorite thing about Deacon is that he holds to his faith.  It is a hard road the Lord has called him to walk and he does.  One foot in front of the other.  A lot has been required of him and he continues to give it.


Jen:  Looks to me like he’s an incredibly strong person to be able to continue on that path.  I don’t know of too many people who could fill those shoes.  What would be your least favorite thing about him?

Kat:  He is a stubborn SOB.  That man can be the most hard-headed person I know.

Father Mulcahy:  (lights another cigarette) I completely agree with that.  And Kat, you don't know the half of it.  You should be on a hunt with him.  It's his way or the highway almost all the time.

Kat:  I can imagine!  Remember I'm the one who has to clean up the aftermath of a hunt with the bystanders, civilians, and law enforcement.  When he's hatched some plan for taking out a monster that is the most dangerous and violent way it can be done then I am the one who gets to tuck it away from public view.  I'm like:  “Surely there was a less conspicuous way to handle this.”  It's even harder when he's right about it.

Father Mulcahy:  He is right most of the time isn't he?

Kat:  Yep, unfortunately.


Jen:  It’s hard to argue with someone who’s usually right.  *sigh*  Okay so I’ve been dying to know the answer to this next question.  Does he ever let you guys borrow his car?

Kat:  (bursts into laughter)  You have got to be kidding, right?  No way.  He loves that car.

Father Mulcahy:  I've driven it.  Of course, Deacon was bleeding in the backseat from being gored by a minotaur, but I did get to drive it.  It's a nice car.

Kat:  Oh, it's gorgeous.  1966 Mercury Comet fully restored and hot-rodded.  She's a beauty.  He keeps her in top condition too.  Always tuning it up, polishing it, doing something to it.

Father Mulcahy:  The only thing he takes better care of are his guns.


Jen:  *gulp*  Gored by a minotaur?!  *shivers*  I think I’ll save that question for the next interview.  Okay Father Mulcahy this one’s for you.  What's your weapon of choice?

Father Mulcahy:  Besides the Word of God and the Holy Rosary I like a well-made shotgun.  It's simple and effective.


Jen:  I’m a huge fan of simplicity and efficiency.  Okay Kat you’re next.  What's your gadget of choice?

Kat:  As long as it has web access I can make it work.  Smart phone, tablet, PC, whatever.  You can't get attached to an electronic device, the things get outdated so quickly.

Father Mulcahy:  There is no classic computer like there is a classic car or a classic shotgun.

Kat:  Exactly.

You both make excellent points.  Thanks again for stopping by to answer some questions and a HUGE THANKS to James for letting me borrow the two of you the interview!  And now it's time for some Rafflecopter action...



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  1. Great interview.
    I love this line, " Besides the Word of God and the Holy Rosary I like a well-made shotgun. It's simple and effective."
    (not an entry)

  2. @Juju - Thanks Juju. It's pretty kick ass, huh?