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Review: That Thing at the Zoo by James R. Tuck

that thing at the zoo

Title:  That Thing at the Zoo
Author:  James R. Tuck
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Publisher:  Kensington Books
Publication Date:  January 27, 2012
Series Info:  Book 0.5 in the Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter series
Cover Artist:  N/A
Who/What/Why/Where/How:  Author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Where to Buy:  Amazon

Shredding monsters is his stock and trade.  He sniffs them out, tracks them down, and corners them.  End of story.  But when the tables are turned, expect the unexpected…

Knowing his enemy is a rule Deacon Chalk swears by.  But he's never seen anything like whatever is leaving the Atlanta Zoo's most dangerous predators bloodless, skinned, and hanging high in the treetops.  And he's only got until sunrise to keep it from turning the entire city into a slaughterhouse.

Now Deacon is in zoo lockdown with a handful of staffers to save.  His zookeeper backup has more guts than monster-hunting experience.  And the only chance Deacon has to run this thing to holy ground is to unleash his darkest, most uncontrollable instincts…

After finishing That Thing at the Zoo, I knew two things for certain.  1)  I DO NOT want to deal with the creatures that reside in Mr. Tuck’s world and 2)  Deacon Chalk is one bad ass mofo.  In That Thing at the Zoo we get to tag along with Deacon as he tries to solve a rather perplexing case at the Atlanta Zoo.  And boy what a night it turns out to be.  I was counting my lucky stars that I wasn’t Jimmy the zookeeper.  Although it wasn’t a hefty novella, James gives us just enough background and world building that you don’t feel lost or like you’re missing something important while reading the story.  If you’ve hung out here regularly, then you know I love my Urban Fantasy gritty, fast-paced and scary.  This novella delivers that and a little extra.  All in all I thought it was a really good start to this new series.

Favorite Lines / Scenes:
Between the temperature and the humidity the heat index was hovering somewhere right around Satan’s ballsack.  -Location 15  (Side note:  I literally laughed out loud when I read this line.  I’m from Miami so I know EXACTLY what this feels like.)

“I’m the weird-shit specialist.”  -Location 39

Jimmy the zookeeper’s mullet was absolutely epic.  -Location 54

Series Info:
That Thing at the Zoo
Blood and Bullets
Spider's Lullaby
Blood and Silver
Circus of Blood
Blood and Magick

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