Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plinky Question of the Day


The Plinky Question of the Day is a weekly feature I added to the blog to get to know you guys better and vice versa.  Sometimes the questions will deal with books or reading but, most of the time they won’t.  Because, let’s face it, there’s more to us than what we read.

What's your least favorite household chore?

This one’s easy.  Hands down, without a doubt, my least favorite household chore OF ALL TIME is cleaning the bathroom.  *shivers*


*Side note:  That’s not me in the picture.  There’s no way I’d set up a photo op in the bathroom.

Spill the beans.  What’s your least favorite household chore?



  1. Cute bathroom Jen, and where did you get the pink gloves? Ok you can kick my butt later :-). My dishwasher died so I have to hand wash my dishes. Yea hate it.

  2. I used to clean house for my mom, and I have to say that not all bathrooms are created equal.

    That being said, I'd have to agree with you. Cleaning bathrooms are not fun.

  3. I could NOT agree with you more. Hair + Water = GAG.

  4. @Jen - I don't mind dishes so much. If I had to pick I'd do dishes all day long if it meant not dealing with the bathroom.

    @Amanda, Ash and Juju - I'm happy to hear I'm not alone in the battle against the bathroom.