Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Movie Quote Sundays



Tipper:  “Here’s my thought on what we should do with this whole Mason thing.”
Joy:  “Okay.”
Tipper:  “Once a week, we get some of my brother’s loser-ass friends to go over to Mason’s house, ring his doorbell, and when he answers they’re just gonna, BANG, junk punch him right up in his man business and then he’s gonna keel over.  While he’s writhing on the ground screaming, ‘Why?!’, they’ll go, ‘You know why!’ ”
Joy:  “Wow!  Did you just think of that?”
Tipper:  “No, I was thinking about it a lot on the way over.”

-Tipper and Joy McNally, What Happens in Vegas


Tipper and Joy