Saturday, August 4, 2012

Discussion: Ghost Medicine by Andrew Smith (Week 1)

Andrew Smith Saturdays

What's up party people!?  Hope you all had a fabulous week.  Welcome to Week 1 of the Ghost Medicine discussion.  Let's get to the discussing...

  1. What's your take on Troy's trek?  Do you think he would have gone back home of his own accord if Luz hadn't gone looking for him?

  2. Gabe gave his theory on why his father gave Troy the horse.  Do you agree with his theory?

  3. Troy and Rose develop an interesting friendship.  How do you think this will play out during the rest of the novel?

  4. Why do you think Gabe has such a bad reaction to killing the mountain lion?

Can't wait to see what your thoughts are.  Once you drop off your two cents don't forget to stop by Smash Attack Reads for your chance to win a copy of The Marbury Lens.

We'll be discussing Chapters 9 - 15 next Saturday.  See you then.  =)

1 comment:

  1. 1. I definitely get the feeling that Troy would have gone home, but I do think he was waiting for something or someone - and Luz turned out to be that someone. He seems to think his father doesn't really care what happens to him (or cares, but doesn't know how to show it), so he needed to know that someone would look for him if he disappeared.

    2. I think Gabe was partially right, although he probably romanticizes it a little bit. I think the larger reason was probably that Mr. Benavidez is trying to look out for Troy, after he lost his Mom. He feels sorry for Troy and his Dad, who is a long-time friend.. maybe he knows that his Dad can't or won't do much for Troy, so he's trying to care for him as much as he can, out of friendship.

    3. I really enjoy relationships like this.. it reminds me of a desert-esque Harold & Maude, although, without the love-interest. Troy seems to be very observant - he can see deeper into people than perhaps others can, and this might because he's also so introspective & spends so much time alone, thinking. I'm not sure where the relationship will go or if we'll ever even see her again - but I hope it stays important to the sub-plot, at least.

    4. Gabe seems to be the innocent of the bunch. In an earlier chapter, Rose tells Troy that he'll have to give up something in order to get the love he wants - and that something, as Troy starts to discover, is probably his childhood and his innocence. Gabe isn't letting go of that, yet, and perhaps never will. It think this is why Mr. Benavidez looks to Luz as a successor, rather than to Gabe - he knows that Luz, though a girl, is really the stronger one.