Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

A weekly feature that showcases my favorite stuff of the week.  Might include books but, will more likely be a total free for all of things I'm currently loving.

Newest Addition to the 'Wish I Was Here' List:
Makena Beach.  Maui, Hawaii.

Funny Ha Ha of the Week:

Favorite Read of the Week:
Specifically the Alpha & Omega novella by Patricia Briggs.

New Music Discovery of the Week:
Jess over at Gone with the Words featured this band on her Thursday Tracks post.
Go follow her.  She's good people and her blog is awesome.

Newest Addition to the 'I Need One of These STAT' List:
You guys!  You have to go check out The Undress website to fully understand how effing cool this dress is.  Doooo it!  Discovered this awesome invention via The Book Vixen's In My Pocket post.  You need to follow her too.  Because she, too, is good people and her blog is also awesome.

Best Man Candy of the Week:
Greyston Holt.
Because Bitten (TV show based on Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series) is coming back for Season 2.
And because he's smoking hot.
You're welcome.


  1. There is a wolf theme here and I love it!! :D


    1. LOL! I totally didn't even notice until you pointed it out. :) Stoked to have you join the read-a-long.