Saturday, May 16, 2015

RT Convention 2015 - Day 4

You guys.  The last couple of days has been INSANE but, they've been incredibly fun too.  Here's the recap for Day 4:

Pretty much the ONLY way to start your day during RT

I still have no words to describe how epic this moment was.

Working that Tension in. All. The. Ways.
Panelist(s):  Kady Cross, Stella Barcelona, Cherry Adair, Patricia Briggs,
Philippa Ballantine and PJ Schnyder (aka Piper J. Drake)

Ladies in Leather
Panelist(s):  Chloe Neill, Jenn Bennett, Jennifer Estep, Rachel Vincent and Ilona & Gordon Andrews

I couldn't resist...

Avon Presents a Night in Paris...Texas!

RT Book Reviews Award Ceremony

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