Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where My Planner Addicts At?

What's up party people?!  I wanted to take a second to let you all know that this. Just. Happened:

Don't know who/what Erin Condren is?  Let me me fill you in.  Erin Condren happens to make the most kick ass Life Planners ever.  They're great quality planners that are highly costumizable ( that a word?).  I'll let Erin break it down for you:

Have I piqued your interest?  Want to dive in and order one?  If that's a 'Hell Yes' I'm hearing then click on this LINK so you can receive $10 off your order.  Please note that this is for first time customers only.  If you decide to take the plunge, tweet me and let me know which style you decided to try out.

Happy Planning Lovelies!