Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

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Good morning party people! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, as well as, a festive (and safe) New Year's Eve.  I personally still can't believe it's 2016.  2016 folks!  Seems like only yesterday we were ringing in 2015. *sigh* In all frankness, I'm looking forward to it.  As far as the blog, and even on a personal level, 2015 was a rebuilding year for me.  Getting back in to the swing of things has been fun but, a lot harder than I envisioned.  But alas, a new year is upon us and I'm all for a fresh start.  Here's my 2015 recap and the haps for 2016.

Admittedly, 2015 was a bit rough around the edges but, not entirely a lost cause.

I hosted an Alpha & Omega read-a-long in preparation for the release of Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs.

I have to give a special shout out to @ReadingDiaries, @LetyRoxtar and @_Kristin315_ for sticking it out until the end.  Had it not been for them I would have ended up talking to myself on Twitter about this awesome series.  You ladies seriously rock my socks off.

I managed to finish and/or catch up on some of my favorites series:

Kate Daniels series / Mercy Thompson series / Alpha & Omega series / Razorland series

I discovered some new to me authors and/or series:

Sarah Castille / Caisey Quinn / Julie Murphy / Sarah J. Maas / Cora Carmack / Anne Bishop / Vampire Academy series

And I participated in some kick ass online and real life events:

Bout of Books 12 / Bloggiesta / This Shattered World Tour / Fierce Reads Fall Tour / RT Booklovers Convention

On a final note, I made a valiant effort to complete two reading challenges.  Here's how that went:

Socrates' Book Reviews Finishing the Series Challenge / GoodReads Reading Challenge

Now that 2015 is out of the way, here's what you can expect to see around here during the new year:

It happens every year.  I sit down and either create or make changes to my posting schedule.  And every year I work myself up into a frenzy to try and maintain that schedule.  You know what?  Not this year my friends.  I know that goes against what most people do but, that's perfectly okay.  I started blogging to share my love of reading and to meet other people who love the written word as much as I do.  Over time it became less about that and more about reviews, meeting review deadlines and trying to keep up with what everyone else was doing.  I don't like how that makes me feel and it started to take the joy out of one of my favorite hobbies.  So I'm stopping the insanity.  If that works for y'all, great.  If it doesn't, then that's okay too.

The second thing that happens every year is figuring out what regular feature posts I'm going to use.  Quite frankly, it's exhausting.  So this year I'm getting rid of what doesn't work (sayonara Music Mondays and Friday Favorites) and revamping what does (Cinema Saturdays, Question of the Day & Tackling the TBR Jar you survive to see another day).

I've already touched on this briefly above.  The gist of this one is simple.  I plan to catch up on any pending reviews that are laying around and start reading the ridiculous amounts of books currently occupying my shelves.  This helps me in two ways.  First, it'll help my budget.  Second, it takes the stress out of reading.  Saving Money + Less Stress = One Happy Camper.

That means you, lovely readers.  I'd rather host a read-a-long (or some other group event) that gives me the opportunity to meet dope people, such as yourselves, than pretty much anything else.  This means stepping up my Twitter and IG game but, I figure that's a better use of my time if I'll be easing up on the reviewing reins.  Do I have a solid game plan?  Hell to the NO.  Am I okay with keeping it simple, reading more, possibly being more consistent, being less stressed and enjoying the journey?  ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY!


  1. Ugh. I hear ya. I keep reading everyone's "New year new blog" posts and I'm just like, "Um... I can't do any of that". Which leads to, "I'm sure my readers would love it if I did that. Maybe that's why I don't have as many followers. Why am I doing this again?" It's a crazy downward spiral. I'm so glad that you are doing the same as I, sticking the course of what works for us and doesn't work us up. Can't wait to chat with you more ;) Glad to see you're coming back to Twitter. :P I was starting to wonder where you were. Thanks for the shout-out btw. LoL The read-along was fun and if I am aware of it I will take part in your next one. Happy new year, Jen!

    1. Happy New Year Kristin! OMG I hate the downward spiral! So much so that that's why I decided to just keep it simple. Life's too short to be so stressed. Social media has never been my strong suit but, I'm going to try to put a little effort into it this year. At the very least to plot our RT shenanigans. ;) Have no fears my friend. We're totally going to get through 2016 together. :)