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        Guangdong Ronghui Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

        Our Address

        Room 3601, Building 1, Zheshang Building, Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province

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        Integrating resources from the Quartet, gathering talents from all corners of the world, Integrating has been deeply involved in the import industry for many years, bringing together industry experience and high-end talents in the industry. Four core advantages of the company have been created: 1. Import professionals: 5>10 years of import logistics practitioners, 8>8 years of senior import managers, 10>7 years of import documentaries, 13>5 years of import declaration supervisors, 20>3 years of imports Customs broker two, core management, independent development: a national customs clearance center, 8 declaration points, 16 inspection sites, one-click import market information at hand, ensuring that customs clearance is completed within 2 hours of imports; 3. Subdivided products: special house personnel follow up, and professionals research and summarize. From the beginning of the docking business, customers are friends, and there is no obstacle to the connection, which eliminates the running-in period of new customers and makes the import communication smoother; 4. Complete import qualifications: food and cosmetics import consignee filing, aquatic products, meat import consignee filing, mechanical and electrical equipment import license, other automatic import permits, bulk commodity filing, copper ore import filing, etc.

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        Guangdong Ronghui Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

        Room 3601, Building 1, Zheshang Building, Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province